Thursday, December 07, 2006

Untruths, half-lies and subterfuge

The natural and botanical perfume industry is hard to survive in. Especially if you've been disowned, disavowed, betrayed and set upon with spies by the current self-proclaimed industry leaders.

Let's take these suppliers who've been sacrificed for the pleasure of the Queens of Hearts.

Synthetic absolutes, you say? Truly synthetic? Were they, perhaps, a natural concatenate of say real absolute and a few other choice naturals? But maybe perhaps not really synthetic?

Claiming, stating, letting slip, shouting from the rooftops or threatening with legal action that a natural product provided by a trusted supplier is synthetic, and there had better be solid proof to back up the proclamation. Proof. That it's synthetic. That's a bit different from proof that it's not a pure absolute.

Speculation to proof/no proof to bashing. Lovely. Why? Well, because queens don't entertain defiance of any sort. Nor do dictators, zealots, despots, fanatics and nutjobs. 'My way or the highway' isn't how a democracy is run. No, really, it isn't.

Sure, we can all be duped. By a too-good-to-be-true jasmine sambac from France, or a sweet, cucumbery linden absolute or a to-live-for vanilla paste. So can suppliers. They find something they think their customers will enjoy; something they enjoy, then they buy some up and present it ~ as it was presented to them. Disclaimers might be added with a little hoo-haa that it might not be a true absolute/concrete/essential oil, but here it is anyway because it smells so damned good. What's dishonest about that? This is where YOUR common sense comes into play. Ok, there are some gullible twaddlers out there. I mean if you're in the habit of giving your banking information to a wealthy Nigerian who claims he's getting screwed out of his millions by his government, you probably need someone to dictate to you what's good for you and what isn't. Bear with me -- I'm getting ready to make an announcement -- are you waiting with abated breath for my next . . . . stupid . . . word?

Get over it! If you find yourself in a situation where you're holding in your hands fake -- egads! -- gardenia essential oil, don't buy it again! Send it back to the supplier, tell them it's not what you wanted and that you want your money back. Ask them to check with their supplier or warn them not to buy that particular product from their supplier again. If they're difficult, turn them into the Better Business Bureau. If you lost a lot of money in the transaction and the supplier isn't willing to reimburse you, sue them! Period. That's it.

Unless that supplier is in the habit of selling many bogus materials, it should end right here. No public executions. No maligning across the webosphere. Unless that's not the real reason the supplier is being crucified. Unless it's a personal vendetta because said supplier didn't bend to the whim and will of the sitting n&bp monarchs. Then it's just bitchy. The incessant braying of silly asses. A bit like this post -- hee haw!


  1. Sweet Suede2:46 PM

    Yeahhh and amen to that sister!
    Lets raise the banner against the truly evil queen (not to mention pervert stalker) and never give up - never surrender ;-D

  2. Let me guess. Some vendors got crucified because they wouldn't put their name on her venture?

  3. It's old news. Someone can't help but rehash the past to the detriment of others.

  4. Just in case someone read this and thinks they really can buy gardenia essential oil, you're not going to find any. Nothing real, anyway. Best to tincture or infuse your own gardenia flowers than pass the time searching for the real stuff. There is an absolute out there, so I've heard. Haven't found it yet. Bought some stuff not long ago that claimed to be real gardenia essential oil which was supposedly made onsite at this company's distilleries. I remember asking in e-mails repeatedly if the gardenia essential oil was real, distilled on site, etc., to which they, whoever 'they' was, answered yes. Then they got angry and stopped communicating. The product I purchased smelled like every other synthetic gardenia fragrance oil I'd ever smelled. Oh, and vanilla. So, there is no gardenia eo.



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