Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gettin' Back Into the Swing of Things

What a difference a year makes in a tincture.

The 10% ambergris tincture I've been waiting on finally smells something like what is described in my pre-1900's perfumery books. Musky, soft, sweet. But it still has a titch of that 'farts of a thousand gnats' essence to it ~ not quite halitosis, but pretty close. I will probably never, ever use this stuff in a perfume. Instead, I will open the bottle every so often and track its progressession -- for my book ~ ha ha ha

Aromata Perfumes ~ Linden Blossom oil perfume has a breathy quality to it, like the exhalation of a healthy, breast-fed baby. I haven't a clue what a real, live linden blossom smells like, my only means of comparison is a sticky, resinous, almost astringent, somewhat floral, distinctly bong watery linden absolute from Eden Botanicals. Aromata's Linden Blossom is much more floral. Very sweet. Lovely, really. Delice perfume oil ~ I really pick up coriander in this ~ that fresh, clean, breeze-off-the-cold-lake scent ~ or fresh salsa. There's also mandarin in there, and rosewood. Another clean, fresh perfume. Summer wear, or winter wear when a dose of summer is needed.

I was gifted with a sample bottle of a lingon berry tincture ~ wow! It smells like a cross between cranberries and pomegranate ~ very distinctly fruity and tart. The dry-down is weird, though. It's almost sweaty smelling, or dirty socky. Once that burns off, it's back to fruity, and then *poof!* like that, it's gone. No lingering lingon berry here. Maybe if it were a 3 or 4 x tincture, it would have more lasting power. It would be a great top note if it had just a bit more longevity.


  1. Now now, your memory can't be as bad as mine - you did get that vial of linden blossom, didn't you??

    On the lingon berries, on a scentstrip I find that it stays, faintly I admit, but I can smell it still after 24hrs...But it is only 2 folded, since these s-krs was so hard to find and pick and I started to late in the season. Promise for comming fall - I will pick more lingonberries, I will pick more lingon berries, I will pick more.....:-D

  2. Oops! Yes, I have that little vial of LB and it smells very much like Eden Botanicals' ~ sticky.

    Maybe body heat has something to do with the short scent life of the lingon berry tincture. Heavily tinctured, it will make a really cool, fruity topnote. Geesh, didn't mean to send you on a mission :D



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