Wednesday, December 09, 2009

All the News That (Ain't) Fit to Print!

Well, I'm back -- of sorts. Still rockin' the crappy computer, still slaving away in a completely disorganized studio, still -- still doing my "thang", as it were. I'm reading the most hysterical book, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! I'm a huge Jane Austen fan (huge, enormous, sadly unstable) and just finished up the modern sequel of Pride and Prejudice written by the author of The Thorne Birds, Colleen McCullough? THAT was entertaining. It was only moderately written in the same vein, with a huge skew into the margins with the continuous mention of sex as SEX instead of innuendo -- refreshing, but, man, what a trip. This current book, the zombies version, is funny. Most of the writing is Ms. Austen's, what isn't is Seth Grahame-Smith's, and what an imagination that guy has. At best, this is a straight re-write with the inclusion of the words "warrior", "the unmentionables" (that'd be the zombies), "Mr. Liu" and the "Shao Lin masters" tossed in here and there, as well as girls favoring muskets over the pianoforte, etc., etc., etc. The "scene" wherein Miss Bingley and Eliza Bennet are walking around the room at Mr. Bingley's country residence trying to distract Mr. Darcy from his letter to his sister is a hoot -- when Mr. Darcy states the virtues of an accomplished woman, he adds her mastery of "Oriental" fighting styles and modern tactics along with her air and manner of walking, the tone of her voice, her address and expressions, knowledge of music, singing, drawing. Killing zombies is dirty business, you might guess. But in this story, it's a common thing, like gathering eggs from the henhouse. Dirty business, but someone's gotta do it, so why not Elizabeth Bennet and sisters with their trademark Pentagram of Death? Yeah, sure.

On the 'fume front, I recently received a spectacular array of lavenders. Stunning stuff. My two favorites are the Grosso lavendula angustifolia x intermediate, and the Purple Bouquet lavendula angustifolia. I get more of the lovely lavender floral and less of the lavender medicinal from these two, but there are more ~ there's a Maillette, a Royal Velvet (nice, nice, nice), a Super and a Hidcote. I'm thinking of using a blend of some of these to make a nice temple rub (the temples on your head, m'dear, not A TEMPLE!), and maybe a spiced vanilla lavender solid perfume. We'll see. I change my mind as often as I change my socks, so what goes up for sale could be an entirely different animal from what's described here.

I also received a special parcel from across the pond, which I suspect is a birthday gift ~ a lovely quilted cloth grocery bag (I can ALWAYS use one of these! Yay!), a large tin of galbanum resinoid that smells like no other galbanum I've ever sniffed. Sadly, galbanum has a bit of a cigarette butt scent quality to it that is a bit off putting to some people, but this resinoid is so green, so sweet (yes, sweet!), but so definitively galbanum, and not a single whiff of butts! And, as if that weren't enough, my patron also sent a bucket--yes! a BUCKET!--of olibanum resinoid for my little al embic. See? My friends even send my perfumery tools gifts. And, yes, my al embic was pleased, thrilled even, and her little copper bottom blushed bronze.

I'm going through the looking glass this weekend ~ can't hardly wait! Gonna make merry, as the season dictates.

Au revoir! Until we meet again.

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  1. I never read much Jane Austen but know enough of Pride & Prejudice that my screen needed a wipe-down after reading your description with the zombies. It sounds like he threw a little Kung Fu Hustle in there, too!

    And yes, you are special with special friends. SO special that even your still receives gifts :) Okay, I need some fresh air now that I've laughed myself blue... YOUR friends are definitely the real deal :)



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