Friday, March 12, 2010

Poison in Beauty

I've been working on a brief for a perfume which evokes feelings of beauty and despair; a sort of dark gorgeousness that is both alluring and repulsive. I know, it sounds strange, but it works. A month or so back a student of NNAPA, Dimi, submitted a brief to Basenotes and it was one of three chosen by CPL Aromas for creation. Mike Parrot of CPL is bringing Dimi's brief to life. So I thought it would be a great project for our students to create a natural version, a project that I am participating in as well. Thus far it's coming along beautifully. Several NNAPA students are creating their version of this perfume brief, and each one is so very different from the others. Some have gone to extremes to portray the 'poisonous' and 'noxious' character of the brief, while others, myself included, are stepping into darkness with it, attempting to create an illusion of beauty with something rotten at its core.


  1. Before I was hijacked into other things last year, I was working on a Poison Apple sort of perfume. I've always been very riveted by the Wicked Queen in Snow White and the rather frightening drink that she consumes to turn into the hag who tempts Snow White w/ the bright red shiny apple. There are so many directions one can take with such a project. Does it have an acrid off-odor which indicates something isn't quite wholesome, or are the indoles turned up to where there's a real sense of decay and rot, or does it stir up a limbic 'this bad, but it smells good' sort of response.

    I like the idea of going darkly into this. You could smell this perfume and it could change you in some fashion and have this very dark glamour to it, but maybe there's an element of danger to that. Oleander comes to mind.

  2. I had thought of oleander as well :) but did something a little different. I wanted to go dark, but not dirty. A few years back I made this perfume called "Bella Cimitero", beautiful cemetary, for All Hallows, and it used a lot of mushroom and dank patchouli and angelica. People loved it (I loved it), but it's a different direction than what I want to do for this project. Yeah, what's in that potion, and what's in that apple? That's what I'm going for.



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