Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cucumber Essential Oil?

There are still people out there selling this kind of stuff. Just saw it this morning -- a perfectly respectable small skincare company on Ets-- um, somewhere, selling natural soaps and skin elixirs and body butters also selling cucumber essential oil. Does somebody know something I don't know? Well, I'm sure you do, that was a rhetorical question -- when the eff did "they" start making cucumber essential oil? (also a rhetorical question).

Have a lovely naturally cucumber scented day! And while you're at it, top it off with some daisy and sunflower essential oil to ward off the rain . . . yeah . . . do that.

UPDATE!  2-13-2017 -- to the person who left the message in the reply section of this blog for this ancient post, I did update this information two years later in 2012, and I'm updating it again today especially for you.

From 2012:

I think this is either the third or fourth post I've done on the subject of cucumber essential oil, and since I continue to receive post hits on them, and private inquiries, I think I'll do an update post. 'K?

FACT: There is no naturally sourced 'cucumber essential oil'.

FACT: There is a cucumber seed oil, which is a different cat entirely from an essential oil, though it does have some of the same scent qualities as the cucumber fruit itself.

FACT: Treatt makes a natural cucumber flavoring extract that, as most NBP's know, can potentially be used as a scenting agent.

FACT: Treatt does not sell retail.

The problem now, it seems, is locating a wholesale Treatt customer who sells natural cucumber flavoring extract. If it's you, please post a comment here -- you'd be doing both of us a favor as this cucumber thing seems to have the potential of becoming quite the cash cow, and this could be my final word on the subject - finally.

Update to the Update (today, 2-13-2017)

According to The Good Scents Company, trans-4-tert-butylcyclohexanol is the chemical name for cucumber 'essence', which is a flavoring agent. Natural? Can't find any definitive information on that. (E)-2-nonenal aka cucumber aldehyde is listed by The Good Scents Company as natural, and you can buy it from Perfumer's Apprentice.


  1. Stuff like that makes me go bonkers, lol.

  2. Well, other than that one glaring case of mistaken identity, everything else this person makes looks natural -- looks -- natural. Who knows what's really going into it if this person sells. cucumber essential oil. I'm thinking someone should kindly tell this person the facts. Geesh, I think I just stepped up.

  3. I agree with you. It brings up the question of whether they "really" know what they are doing. I'd be hard pressed to purchase anything from people that seem so misinformed.

  4. I'm no expert so hopefully you all can enlighten those of us who don't know much about essential oils... maybe they're using cucumber essential oil/cucumber seed oil, not for the aromatic properties, but for the health benefits when added to skin care serums or lotions etc.? Isn't cucumber rich in vitamins?

  5. Sure, cucumber seed oil is rich in vitamins. The issue is whether or not it's a true essential oil. No one is disputing its value, just the nomenclature used to describe it. Normally, pressed seed oils are considered vegetable oils, or nut oils, basically, carrier oils, most of which are rich in vitamins.

  6. Thanks for clarifying.



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