Thursday, July 22, 2010


It's a beautiful day today. High 90's are predicted, and here in the desert valley where the air tends to be dry, those are good numbers. It's when 42% humidity creeps up that the 90's become unbearable. I'm sure those of you in more humid climes can understand. Right now it's a breezy 75 and nearing on to noon, so, again, it's a beautiful day.

I'm really happy today. I can't quite pinpoint why. Maybe it's because I see and feel so many of my good friends doing wonderful things in the world. It's good to know you're associated with really wonderful people. Maybe it's the weather! At any rate, all is calm, and I'm excited about what's to come. This new perfume, Kush Bakhur, in particular, is really cranking up the excitement level for me. I'm not predicting huge sales or anything like that, this is more of a job well done circumstance. It never ceases to amaze me how attuned my nose has become over the past couple of years. Not bragging. Just pointing out what good, consistent evaluations can do for a nose. Yours too if you care to try. The person who asked if I could "do it" in regards to mocking up the incense sticks they sent will be getting a surprise in the mail ~ a 5ml bottle of Kush Bakhur, the very first ever. I figure inspiration deserves recompense. Also very excited about the Academy's upcoming Isolates course taught by Shelley Waddington. It begins August 10th and is a preview to Shelley's own isolates course she's teaching off the Academy.

And, also very excited about the urban garden! I'd forgotten how fulfilling it is to grow food. I've now got more tomatoes (Romas) than I can feed my family, so I'll be filling little care baskets and leaving them on my neighbors' porches soon.

Since I'm now onto the subject of food, I have to share this ~ a few days ago I made pink mashed potatoes with organic potatoes and grandma's (my mom's) garden grown beets and they were fabulous. So this morning I made pink potato pancakes with organic yellow cherry tomatoes on the side. Aren't they just beautiful?

It's a good day. A beautiful day! And "they" are right: it is the small things that make life worth living.


  1. so glad you're feeling good! You are doing beautiful work, have a good community, and are appreciated! Who could ask for more?

    Enjoy that happiness- you deserve it!

  2. Thanks! I am enjoying it :)



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