Friday, February 25, 2011

Back from the Not So Rose-y Bowl

Well, I've returned. And I anticipate my continued impassioned participation here, at least until the next gastrointestinal hurricane sweeps through (or some other debilitating, yet temporary-- one hopes-- illness makes an unscheduled visit). Everyone in the house caught this bug so when I wasn't running for the bathroom, I was helping out someone else who was. Then, when the air cleared, I took advantage of the hiatus to get some work done. Prior to the bug, I began work on transferring info from the old Le Parfumeur Rebelle website onto a new blog, scheduling posts nearly two weeks in advance. I was able to do a little sprucing of the articles and work on the blog during the break (after the illness), as well as put the finishing touches on a wedding perfume for one of my students, decant a lot of 1930's perfume oils to share with a cohort, write down the bones of a new perfume, make soap, stock up on some products at Etsy, write a few letters, read a few reference books, contemplate selling off my remaining offspring, and watching with a forlorn heart as the rain and cold do their best to hamper my efforts at tilling and planting and composting. Drizzle, drizzle, plop.

Oh, did I mention "they've" predicted snow flurries? Snow flurries. On the valley floor. In north-central California. USA. Land of tomatoes and peppers and olives and grapes. Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it.

I know I don't write much about the course I tutor at NNAPA (Nature's Nexus Academy of Perfuming Arts), just an occasional ad whenever we're getting ready to fill another course session, but . . . but I think I want to write a little more about it. I received a surprising, yet entirely welcome phone call from one of my students yesterday. I was expecting something very different from the conversation than what I received. Though I'm a firm believer in the adage "No news is good news", in the case of a quiet classroom, not so much. So when this student called, I expected admonishment for not making things a bit more challenging (though whenever I do put forth a challenge, I hear a collective, international groan on the wind) as deep down-- okay! not so deep down!-- I'm insecure about the pace of the course. But my student set my heart at ease when she said, "I'm learning about things in perfumery that I never even imagined." And we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet! NNAPA is set to begin another year-long course beginning March 21. The course is designed to accommodate busy people. People with jobs and children and obligations and responsibilities outside the scope of perfumery. The first few units are focused mainly on reading, research and exams, while the last few months of the course are full with trial studies and formulation, and instruction in the use of natural isolates, taught by NNAPA tutor Shelley Waddington of En Voyage Perfumes. It's a fun ride.

I'm also working on some kind of local scent event. I can't seem to pin down exactly what I want to do -- is it a tea party where I charge admittance, or something like the perfume exhibitions hosted by Persephenie in LA a few years back? I'm leaning toward exhibition with a little perfumed food on the side. How many people might bother to show up to something like this here in No-Town (aka Fresno -- as an aside, our northern sister city, Madera, is called Mad-Town, and I'm guessing their northern sister/brother city, Chowchilla, is called Chow-Town -- this could get ugly) is anybody's guess. I've managed to draw people from upstate to my perfume and soap classes, so there is the possibility that somebody would show up to a perfume exhibition here.

If I plan it, will they come?

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  1. Yep, they're predicting snow up in my little hamlet, too. Holy cow. There was trace snow on Mt. Diablo when I rode the train home this afternoon, but it wasn't as much as on Monday. However... the hills up around Kirker Pass which leads past the Concord Pavilion had fluffy white stuff on them when I got home. I can see some snow from my porch because I have southern exposure. Hopefully I'll remember to snap a pic tomorrow.

    (And in other news, I am so glad you overcame that gut bug. It is just as well you weren't able to sow a bunch of seeds, given how you'll be sledding down your street to hear the newscasters tell it. I was feeling like a lazy slob for not running the cultivator and planting winter squashes, but it's a damned good thing I just could not get around to doing that in the past few weeks. Would've been wasted effort if we're going to just freeze.)



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