Thursday, April 14, 2011

Current Project ~ Puck's Love Juice

I don't think I'll stick with that as the official name of the perfume I'm creating for the perfume event A Midsummer Night's Dream - or maybe I should, just to keep things real ~ ha! The theme of my perfume is -- well, it's self-explanatory, isn't it? Or is it? Remember from the play? Puck's love juice? The stuff he sprinkled over Demetrius and Lysander? I've got a good start on it, and of course it's going to be in the fougere family (it has to be, I mean, Puck is a creature of the woods). On the other hand, I am intrigued by Peaseblossom . . . the name alone conjures all sorts of lovely imagery, doesn't it? Then again, Bottom has its appeal. Hehehehe.

Puck's Love Juice, PLJ for short, features a heavy base of three oakmoss "types" - a tincture/evulsion, an new absolute, and an antique resin. In the first trial version of this perfume, I used a bit of heliotropin natural isolate (sourced from sassafras oil), but for this next final version, I will exclude it. I'm going another way, some place just astray of a classic fougere. I would love to effectively incorporate mountain misery into the juice, and perhaps a heavy(ier) dose of vetyver-mitti. For the lighter version of this perfume, I would love to incorporate roses. My vision is to create a sheer, gossamer rose scent. Perhaps this could be Peaseblossom? Just as Ghusun conjures the heavy warmth of dark green velvet, so this Peaseblossom should conjure images of soft pink and green gossamer, wisps of wind and fluttery wings of delicate rose and moss . . . would that it were that easy.

Day Three of the Roofers. It's becoming nearly unbearable now. I have someone coming over later this afternoon to learn soap making and perhaps begin a little bit of work in perfumery. I'm worried that the roof stompers will still be here and disrupt the quiet process of creating beautiful soap. We may end up naming this particular soap (patchouli/lavender/clove blend) 'Hammer' or 'Thud', or even 'Jiminy Crickets, They're Falling Through the Ceiling!'

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  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Soap earplugs? Could be onto a winner there. (otherwise, it would be naughty to put slippery soap where the heavy-treading roofers will tread ...)

    cheerio, and you've inspired me to make scones - bad for the figure but oh so yummy with real butter or maybe cool clotted cream

    Uh-oh, Anna in Edinburgh



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