Saturday, April 02, 2011

Fougere. I am entranced. I have a full pint of an undiluted fougere base accord, just the very bones of a fougere, maturing in a lovely corked bottle. Every day it becomes more and more beautiful; deep, sensual, velvety and warm. This base accord can go in any number of directions from this point. I had initially planned three versions of a fougere, but am now planning to add a fourth; a fruity fougere, taking full advantage of a handful of natural isolates I have to boost the sweet, fruity aspect and add a lightness to the top notes with a naturally derived acetaldehyde. How many fougeres are too many fougeres? I don't know. You be the judge.

I just finished up writing a review of Andy Tauer's ZETA-A Linden Blossom Theme- perfume which launched yesterday. It's a bit pricier than some of Andy's other creations, and turns in a more delicate, feminine direction than his other work does, yet it maintains that standard "Tauer Touch" that all of us who love Andy's perfumes recognize immediately. I hate to make the comparison because it cheapens Andy's work, but the "Tauer Touch" is as recognizable as Guerlain's famous "Guerlinade". The remnants of the sample I received are off in the arms of the no-longer-resident Scent Whore, Scott Ellis. Scott was here when the sample arrived and I had to share -- he's such a pig when it comes to fragrance -- and the moment the juice hit his skin, he went into full bliss mode. His eyes actually rolled up in his head. I know. It's disturbing. After working with the perfume for a couple of days, I passed it into his eager hands for further review. I'm curious to see what he writes about it. He recently received a big package of natural incense for review -- once done, it will be posted on the Le Parfumeur Rebelle blog. He seems quite impressed with this company's products, so it should be a pretty good piece.

Well, the jonquil and paperwhites finally bloomed, then a big hailstorm hit and left the blossoms in tatters. I managed to salvage one perfect bloom, which I cut and put into an antique pharmacy bottle. The wild hyacinth have yet to make their appearances, and they'd better hurry because the chives and onions I planted between the rows of bulbs are sprouting and will soon take over. I haven't put the potatoes in the ground because . . . well, we may be moving soon! Remember I said a while back that I was working my way back into the Tower District? It looks like we may be moving there, lock, stock and perfume barrel! More on that later as nothing is set yet.

I just want to shout out for a minute here -- to you, about you. I want you to know I thank you every day for coming here and reading and commenting and sharing in this journey with me. I cherish my freedom to say and do as I please without restriction, and I appreciate from the bottom of my heart that you are here.


  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Fingers crossed for you concerning the moving matter - I hope that you get what you want.

    Take care, and please keep blogging: I welcome the insights into Natural Perfumery. (I'd also welcome a means of getting my mitts on the samples you offer of the things you make, so I'll keep working on that! There'll be a way.)

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  2. Hi Justine! Finally, a catch up day! I always enjoy reading your blog, you are an amazing writer, perfumer, teacher, and you are hilariously funny! Lisa and I want to come to your Scent Event, best of luck, I know it will be fun!

    Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrfumery



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