Sunday, June 12, 2011

Natural Cucumber Scent

There seems to be a debate over this cucumber thing. I didn't realize it until I saw how many people were coming to this blog to check out 'cucumber essential oil' -- like hundreds! I wasn't aware that cucumber was such a popular scent.

So the debate was that I had done some research and was unable to locate any "real" cucumber essential oil for scenting stuff and I wrote about and was argued with over it, which sent me on a more extensive hunt for this elusive naturally derived cucumber essential oil that everyone was insisting existed. I don't have a problem being wrong if I am wrong. And if any of these folks leaving messages that cucumber essential existed had left a link to where this shy little company producing the stuff was so I could check it out, I wouldn't have taken after the subject like a pit bull with a chicken flavored teddy bear in its mouth. After a bit of research, I found a source of cucumber seed oil, which is a completely different critter altogether. And I blogged about that. And was argued with again.

Now I've been informed, and read about, a company named Treatt that do in fact make a naturally distilled cucumber. It's a flavoring agent rather than a scenting agent, but the scent is sufficient enough for use in compounding fragrance for whatever you want, or so the original source states. And, did I mention it's naturally sourced?

So there.

Just let me chew my teddy bear in peace now.


  1. The website says you can't buy it retail. Has anyone found a retail source?

  2. Contact Treatt and find out who they've sold the product to wholesale. I've had no luck whatsoever locating a retail outlet that sells REAL cucumber essential oil/flavoring oil. It's all synthetic stuff I've found.

    Good Luck!



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