Friday, April 13, 2012

Okay, Back to That Cucumber EO Thing Again

I think this is either the third or fourth post I've done on the subject of cucumber essential oil, and since I continue to receive post hits on them, and private inquiries, I think I'll do an update post. 'K?

FACT: There is no naturally sourced 'cucumber essential oil'.

FACT: There is a cucumber seed oil, which is a different cat entirely from an essential oil, though it does have some of the same scent qualities as the cucumber fruit itself.

FACT: Treatt makes a natural cucumber flavoring extract that, as most NBP's know, can potentially be used as a scenting agent.

FACT: Treatt does not sell retail.

The problem now, it seems, is locating a wholesale Treatt customer who sells natural cucumber flavoring extract. If it's you, please post a comment here -- you'd be doing both of us a favor as this cucumber thing seems to have the potential of becoming quite the cash cow, and this could be my final word on the subject - finally.

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