Monday, November 26, 2012

Somali Wild Ass

That's a note from my ADD -- two people, or perhaps one person twice, found my blog by typing in their browser the words 'somali wild ass'. Till now I've not written about Somali wild asses, dibokali to the natives. How one would make a correlation between the hunt for a rare Somali wild ass and an apothecary's ramblings is beyond my comprehension, unless the internet is trying to tell me something. In the meantime, however, I've learned a little bit about the Somali wild ass -- they're rare, fewer than an estimated 700 still live in the wild, and about 27 to 35 live in captivity within the United States. They are not donkeys as many people believe. It may be redundant to call an ass 'wild' as the term 'ass' refers specifically to the wild aspect, as compared to the domesticated term for a former ass, which is donkey.

More soap got made over the busy weekend, a lovely creamy minty soap with a titch of green clay and a few drops of German chamomile and clary sage added to the peppermint and spearmint base. The body of the soap was made with primarily extra virgin olive, rice bran oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil with heaping scoops of coconut cream. The entire house smells of it, as if I'm running a candy cane factory out of the kitchen. Next on the soap agenda is a lovely little mixed media formulation of rose scent isolate (phenylethyl alcohol), bergamot, patchouli, bitter orange, and combava petitgrain. I think I might reserve a little of the scent base to add to a small batch of bath bombs. This scent combination smells of roses and citrus with a soft pink marshmallow cloud hovering over it. This may never go up for sale as some people are still quite wary of isolates in their natural products, and I use isolates every once in a while to help create a unique profile. These may end up in somebody's holiday gift box, though.

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