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Having got sick almost the moment I arrived back home from vacation makes me feel like I've been gone the whole summer. I'm a bit out of it. Today I'm expected to brave the heat and spend the afternoon poolside with a gaggle of 7-year-olds. Not sure how I will fare since I am at about 70% power. I've realized over the past couple of days that my sense of smell is greatly limited, and it's distressing. It's as if I can smell what is going on in my head (sinuses), but cannot smell what's going on around me. It's an odd feeling, like the one that rushes over you when you're being anesthetized for surgery.  This just means a slight delay in the fall plans for goods in the shop. Solids are on the agenda, two coffretts, one for fall and one for winter. And soap. I've got a big soap commission in the works, a few kilos of post-enfleurage, post-extraction pomade that's to be made into laundry bars and shipped back to their rightful owner for resale.

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