Pandora by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

The past few days have been wrought with signs from Pandora. In my personal life I’ve found myself opening a box of mysteries that I pray lead not to tragedy but to new opportunities. I’ve also been listening to a lot of music of late -- Marvin Gaye, Dave Matthews, Sade -- on what else but And then comes in the post a package from Colorado which contained a spray vial of emerald green juice – The Pandora.

Pandora, the perfume from renowned perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, is sensual and sublime. It is viscerally appealing – one cannot help but sniff, sniff, and sniff again where it has been applied. It is feminine, floral, a bit green, woody and softly sweet.

Pandora is a slow embrace; a kiss with a promise; a warm hand at the small of your back. It is both vintage and contemporary, pulling those romantic scent elements from perfumery’s origins into the modern age and marrying them exquisitely. A classic.

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  1. yes, Pandora IS a sweet kiss! And the word "classic" is doing the rounds this morning on the fragrance blogs!

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Justine, Thank you so much for your review of Pandora! To use a few of your own words, it is "sensual and sublime". That image alone had me swooning! :) This is such a pleasure: thank you!! oxoxo

  3. That is a wonderful review, and thanks for mentioning the color of the juice -- this is so important for me to know! I always pay attention to that, do you?

  4. @Monica, yes, I like the word classic to describe it. It has a rich, old-school feel to it that is well balanced with modern touches.

  5. @dsh, I really like this perfume. I've worn it all week and never tire of it.

  6. @akaWarum, thank you! I think the color introduces expectations of scent, so, yes, it is important.


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