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Natural Perfumery Textbooks and Workbooks of Dubious Value

Writing on the advanced workshops, now re-dubbed the NPA Master Classes, has become a several times a day thing. It's turning into another book. A good book, one with so much detail, and tons of 'and then's that I am beginning to obsess about it, dream about it. I find myself waking in the middle of the night to do research to prove some theory or another, furiously writing the theme or gist of the idea on bright, neon pink Post-Its. You should see my office decorated with neon pink on the walls, across the dry erase board, over the calendar, and stacked on the desk. Neon pink isn't even a color that I like, but it definitely catches the eye. Every so often, at least once a week, all of the pink notes are plucked from the walls and scrutinized, has this been introduced to the text of the new course? If yes, it is torn into confetti and tossed in the trash, if not, it is replaced on the wall or the calendar or the dry erase board, soon to be accompanied by many dozen mor

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