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Put a finger down if you bought something you thought you really wanted, and once you had it, you realized it's stupid and useless and a waste of money. Put a finger down if you bragged about it before trying it out and realized, ugh, this was dumb. Put a finger down if you regret the purchase and can't decide what to do about it because you don't like throwing things away but also have no use for them. Put a finger down if you just feel tricked by the Universe. Yeah, those wishes from a few days back turned out to be curses. The printer won't connect to my computer because my computer refuses to recognize the installer and I can't get any tech support at all to even hint at what the fix might be, and the water pik thing shoots water out so fast and hard, it ends up in my nose, my eyes, and all over the bathroom counter and mirror. The first time I used it, I jerked back so hard, I shot myself in the ear!  I woke up far too early this morning with a few extra minute

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