Keeping the Lights On

I took a break from writing on the courses, almost two weeks (eek!) to prepare for the holiday. I mean, I wrote a little, mostly corrective notes and topic additions, but not any real writing. Just finished a small piece about beef tallow and I'm already wondering if it should be edited out because it isn't recommended to use beef or mutton tallow in perfumery, but it is interesting and important to know the history . . . ? See? Keep it or toss it? Does it bring me joy? Ha!

Sales have slowed way down again, which is typical. November is always the best month for the Etsy shop. The hectic hand-over-fist sales that occur in November end, literally, on the day before Thanksgiving, then we're back to business as usual, with the usual mid-summer-style spotty sales. The good news is that the school is doing very well, with a handful of new students already signed up for March 2022 new and improved, certified, and (something else'd) courses. Can't say what something else is just yet, but it's good stuff. Also more good news -- I have a couple of bulk orders to work on after Christmas, so there is that. Keeping the lights on over here at Chez Djinn. 

The newest soap, for those who care, is a sweet little spearmint and tangerine number that is quite visually appealing. Like a dessert. It's time to go stamp them and wrap them up, give them a ridiculous name and post them for sale. Until next time. 


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