Pre-Order Customized Perfume Poppets

I'm setting up a pre-order for the perfumed poppets as I don't want to make a bunch of them and have them wither away on Etsy or the new website. I'd much rather make them more customized, you tell me you want one, I make one for you. Simple as that. If you need it before the holidays because it's a gift, I can't make any guarantees, especially with custom work, but if your goal is simply to have one, then get one.

Just to clear a few things up, these aren't voodoo dolls or hoodoo vessels or anything like that. They are a medium for scent. What you do with your perfumed poppet after receiving it is entirely up to you as I won't be providing straight pins or wee nooses to guide you down the left hand path (ha!). Each poppet is hand cut from unbleached muslin (without a pattern, I might add, so no two are even remotely the same) and then dyed in organically grown plant dyes. Right now the only color I have is purple which I make using black hollyhock blossoms…
My friend Bella sent me a wee package the other day with a cotton dish towel that has a happy affirmation written on it (I can't tell you what it is right now because it's in the wash!) in response, I believe, to my glorious homemade greetings' memes I was posting on FB for weeks. I stopped there, but I'm going to carry on here. Why not? I can do what I want, right? Yeah.

Golden Djinn ~ The Mage's Meditation Oil

Some time ago I was gifted a beautiful and rare resin called ammoniacum. Ammoniacum is a resinous exudate of a type of fennel, giant fennel, perhaps, which grows in parts of the Middle East and North Africa. The scent isn't for everyone as it's very, how do I say it? Primal. Masculine. Intense. When burning the resin, the effect of the scent entering the body is like a punch in the gut. For me, it's very triggering, especially when used during meditation. I "travel" better, receive information better, and ultimately feel blessed and honored that such things exist -- a lot of other things happen, but I'm not willing to divulge that kind of information here. Ammoniacum infusion oil is one part of this meditation oil -- the mage's meditation oil -- and if you're tuned into just the right frequency, something within the ammoniacum will reach out and scare the holy crap out of you.

No guarantees. I can only relay my experience and the experiences of a very…

Shop PSA & Rules for a Reluctant Traveler

Just a quick PSA about the Etsy shop and then the rambling commences.

The Etsy shop will close from 18th November through to the 2nd of December. Should you have a burning desire to order something and cannot wait for the shop to reopen, please hustle on over and get it now. Once I return, I will be removing some things from the listings and adding a couple of new things. Always with the new things. I have a little time to finish up the perfumed poppets I have already cut and dyed, the rest will have to wait until my return. Also those new pots de crème will go up -- lovely cocoa/basil core with loads of rose and jasmine, deep orris root wax and sweet cucumbery violet leaf wax (and more, of course). These little pots will be a bit pricier than the first set (that sold out yesterday) because they are twice the size and will hold much more costly and rare ingredients.

My mind has been intensely focused on the trip to Brasil and perfecting my meditation practices. The meditations help wi…

Blogging in Brazil

I will attempt to blog the Brasil trip, who I meet and what we do. I'm hanging out with a bunch of aromatherapists and natural perfumers. Things could get interesting.

Revival of Ye Olde Blogg

I'm baaack! Just in time to leave again for 9 days in Brasil, beginning the 21st of November through to the 30th of November. But I'm back here now, rambling again -- ha!

I've really missed it here. It's felt like the creative stuff was kind of dampened because I wasn't doing this anymore, and because I had put all of my eggs in one basket -- Facebook -- and I was stressing about how many followers I had and who was commenting, or not, and feeling anxious when I'd lose a few, and then when describing scents I felt like I was under this word count limit and couldn't just go crazy with it. It was in my head, that word count bit, but it also felt stifling, and maybe just a smidge contrived. It felt/feels competitive in a way I've never been interested in.

A weight has been lifted. You should try it. Put some space between yourself and FB's insanity, use it instead of letting it use you.

This is the studio today. All that bit in the middle there, the basket, the bottles, the general disarray, that came out of my bedroom. That's what I was living with since moving here. There are a few things that need to be done today before I can tackle that space again, but it will be ship shape by mid-February and beautiful things will be brewing again. There is just so much on my plate at the moment. That health scare we thought we'd averted has raised its head again and the little wee one is back to being poked and prodded in search of a diagnosis. We're still in the 'it could be nothing' or 'it could be really bad' stage of the investigation. It isn't easy staying optimistic in the face of what could be devastating news.
As I mentioned, there is a lot on my plate. I just had a long conversation with an associate who is talking about creating wonderful things -- opportunities, livelihoods, top quality raw materials for the future of natural perfum…