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Make something. Pour your heart and soul into it. Whether it be a painting, a garden of flowers, loaves of crusty bread, a perfume accord, a story -- go for it hard. Don't be distracted by the screen, by what "everyone else" is doing, or more likely, pretending to do. Listen to the teachers who touch your heart, find a way use their words to create something divine, even if what is created is just a tiny spark of inspiration. It's a beginning.
Make something wonderful. (I say this, or something like it, to myself every morning.)
I'm halfway through the process of rolling cones from the incense I'm working on. I've been doing things a little bit here and there, writing up new classes, evaluating student perfume submissions, filling orders, making incense, writing loads of idea and reminder notes -- the wall before me is covered in bright neon pink sticky notes with very important things written on them, like 'video series', and 'poppets', …

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