Friday, July 25, 2014

Scratching the Surface of What's In the Apothecary

I've thought long and hard about this and with some regret, but I am committed to downsizing this crazy mess of apothecary stuff. I've got rare and beautiful tinctures/evulsions everywhere, bottles and bottles, collections of rare antique and vintage apothecary bottles specific to perfume ingredients (think Fritzsche Bros., Magnus, Mabee & Raynard, etc.) some with contents, some without. Vintage and antique perfume bottles, perfume ephemera (posters, pictures) that there is literally no room for -- why? Because the daughter moved in. Fell on hard times and now has been transplanted square in the middle of my stuff. But that's not the only reason why. I've been thinking about doing this for a while. It's difficult because these items, as ugly as some of them are, are my babies, my treasures, my tangible connection to this fragrant world I've entangled myself. Plus I need the cash. Got a big, big, BIG bill to pay off before I can move on with the Thurifercorum. Clean slate kind of thing. That or jail ~ haha!

Thus far on my Ebay seller's site I've got a big 1 lb bottle of Snake Root Oil, the Canadian variety, the one used in perfumery years and years ago to help modify ginger root oil and add an earthy, breathy, clean woody, tealike scent to perfume compositions. It went out of production because it never really was in large scale production. Snake root wasn't a cultivated crop, so it was all wild harvested, and the only country distilling it was the USA, in very small batches. Anyway, 1 lb bottle circa 1980's, 1/4 of the contents gone (I decanted a bit for my library), selling for $100 or whatever anyone wants to haggle over. This stuff is rare. I've done several searches and have yet to find anyone producing it. Snake roots, yes, snake root oil distilled? No.

I also put up a nice duo of perfume bottles, cut crystal, I believe, circa late 1800's, early 1900's, gold embossed labels, in the original padded perfume box, which is damaged. Very sexy little grouping, that.

I'm also selling off my prized hyacinth evulsion (sonicated tincture) which is about 20 times charged over two growing seasons, so the scent is strong and reminiscent of the absolute. Needs dilution to hit the right spot and come off as hyacinth. I can't decide if I want to sell the entire bottle, about 100 mls, or in smaller increments. Depends upon inquiries, I guess.

I also have 60 mls of intense -- INTENSE -- aloeswood evulsion from 2008 that is to die for! It's absolutely stunningly beautifully gorgeous.

Small samples of these items are available to serious potential buyers only.

More to come as I continue digging and poking about the tinctures. I think there's a gorgeous, thick, resinous, syrupy organic Calimyrna fig tincture from 2006 or so . . .

If interested in any of these items, or on a fishing expedition looking for specific stuff (that I might have), please contact me at

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Selling Off Raw Materials

Over the next few weeks, I will be selling off some of the raw materials and other perfume-related items that I've acquired throughout the years to help pay off some debts and begin in a new aromatic direction. Still in the perfume game, still dabbling with the soaps, still writing, but I really want to explore and go down the rabbit hole that is Kyphi and other Kyphi-like incenses. Good things on the horizon.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A New Opportunity Arises

Wild-harvested Pine Resin (Sierra Nevadas, CA)

It's been a real struggle keeping the business end of my business going -- it works in spurts and stops. The most successful new 'thing' I've begun is the making and selling of Kyphi incense. I enjoy a small, but dedicated, group of clients, and a smattering of one-shot sales. Without a big budget or some significant capital, it's like treading water. The thing is, I can't stop. I'll use whatever I can scrape together to get what I need to continue offering these delicious and unusual scent items. Which is why I'm considering a job. A real life job. A job to help fund my work. Because I've been asked to go into production with the Kyphi. There is huge potential to be represented in trade shows all over the country and possibly abroad. People who get it are truly and sincerely interested in working with me to make Kyphi a household name. Well, maybe not so common as that. It's all still in its early tentative stages, but the inquiries have been made and the response has been a big hell yeah. So. The future looks golden -- like sweet lemony frankincense golden.


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