Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Prosperity. What does it mean? Each time my friends and I gather for a full moon potluck, we perform a ritual for prosperity, whether it be a full-on ritual with candles and prayer, or just a raising of glasses in a toast for prosperity. So what do we mean by raising energy to grant us all prosperity?

One of the participants made a comment at the final full moon potluck I attended which got me thinking about prosperity and what it means to different people. His interpretation was (I'm assuming here) that we were a bunch of greedy dicks who wanted the Universe to shower us with money. In fact, he said, and I'm paraphrasing here, "You guys are always asking for money." Nothing could be further from the truth. When we asked for prosperity, we were asking for prosperity in all manner of life -- health, love, happiness, the fulfillment of our basic needs.

I feel blessed with prosperity every time I open a box to unpack here at my new home, when I lift out a bottle of 10-year-old organic patchouli oil I had forgotten about, open the cap and waft it under my nose -- ah! There it is, the blessing. Nature's loving gift. Then my mind races toward using the oil, in soap? In a perfumed oil? In oil incense? More blessings, more possibilities -- this defines prosperity for me. It's having what my soul needs to keep me moving from one day to the next.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting Back Into the Groove

Just a few things the past couple of days have caused me to really begin jonesing over all the packed
aromatics -- the first attempt at a Buddha's hand and nutmeg scone, a wee extraction of Buddha's hand peel in etoh, and though not related to perfumery or the aromatics, the welcoming bloom of a Rose of Jericho at the front door, and setting up my sacred space in a new space. I miss doodling about with aromatics. I've

had zero free time in the past two years for any serious doodling about and I'm slowly getting back into it, or quickly, depending upon your perspective of the matter. I'm thinking about putting out my sticky feelers for a few brave souls to join in a perfume event, something along the lines of a Midsummer Night's Dream event,

or perhaps a collective journey through the process and discoveries (enlightenment?) of kyphi, the first perfume. Kyphi has become my pet project. I love experimenting with different elements of kyphi, and I love

 experiencing the work of other kyphi makers. The last batch of kyphi I made -- those bits that haven't been packaged for sale -- still simmers in a copper bowl, gathering energy. Sort of like me, just simmering,

gathering energy for what's to come.

Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm Here -- In My New Life.

I made it. Well, it wasn't as if it was a long journey, just a hop over the the Diablo Range from the central valley to the central coast, and voila. Here I am. Moving from a town with a population well over half a million to a town with a population of well under 30,000 is mind-boggling. The odd thing is, as I've stated in previous posts here, that where I am now is a destination, so tourists and visitors occupy the landscape in abundance, 12 months of the year, whereas where I was had absolutely zero tourists and visitors, so even with the population differential, I'm still more likely to be successful business-wise here than I had been there. Got that? My business no longer has to rely solely on internet shops and local word of mouth, I can actually get out there and drum up some biz!

But right now I mope. I miss my space. I miss my Bug. I miss the -- well, that's about all I miss so far. I feel out of sorts. Anxious still, and wondering what the hell to do next. I have to squeeze my life into the spaces left open here in this new life and I don't know where to begin.

The first thing I did when I got here was locate a bookstore and purchased 'A Dance With Dragons', the hardcover (and I NEVER purchase the hardcover) because the soft back isn't released until the end of October and I was desperate to drown myself in its pages, to forget about all the sh*t that needs unpacking, the potential haranguing I may get from my former landlord (the lady on the broom) not because I've done something untoward, but because it seems her nature to harangue, and basically to figure out once again where I fit. I hate this feeling. Universe, grant me the power to let go of worries that I cannot affect. Now, say it again.

Went to the San Luis Obispo farmer's market and found all sorts of delicious local fare, from Buddha's hand citron to Fuyu persimmons to short stubby organic carrots to yellow beets -- all lovely. The weekly farmer's market in SLO is comparable to one of the once-a-year events held in Fresno, like Big Hat Days or the Peddler's Fair. Blocks of produce, art, handmade goodies, food, music -- and crowds. Big, big crowds. I think that's what I missed living in Fresno, the sense of community. Fresno is a divided city, the poor versus the rich, the diverse versus the uniform, very little middle ground there. Perhaps I judge my hometown too harshly, plus I'm too new here to really know what types of people live here.

During the move, I gave up my aromatic's mini-fridge. Mostly because I didn't think the poor thing could handle another trip. The little motor inside made a gawdawful sound when it was turned on, like someone using a hammer on it, before it got up to speed and smoothed out into silence. I'm going to miss Mini. Not only did she protect the most delicate of aromatics from the ravages of the central valley heat, she also kept my gin nice and cool.

I'd best stop putting off the inevitable. Time to unpack. Ugh.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Last Week in Fresburg

So work has slowed to a snail's pace, though today I have hopes things have picked up a little, enough to give me something to do besides trolling the internet, trolling work files on the computer, and trolling the other employees while they do their jobs. Yesterday I decided to clean the toilets at work because, well, I sit right

next to the men's room and frankly the damned think stinks almost constantly, and also because I literally had run out of work to do. So while I'm scrubbing the men's room toilet with a toilet brush in one hand, and a bottle of disinfectant cleaner in the other, in walks my boss to let me know he's leaving for the day. And to ask if I would mind ending my work here on the 11th (Friday) instead of the 15th (the following Tuesday) to save me the trouble of coming back to town for two additional days. I immediately said yes, but I had this flood of emotion come over me, like, wow, this is it, man. It's done. I'm outta here. I wanted to cry, I wanted to hug him, I wanted to laugh and skip around -- I mean, my emotions were all over the damn place. But instead of doing all that, I went back to scrubbing the toilet.

The house feels cavernously huge, it echoes, and the floors sound extra creaky. I can even hear the little crack mouse skittering like mad in the front hall closet, trying to shove his wee fat head down a hole drilled for cable cord. A few nights ago, I discovered crack mouse bumping into the closet walls, attempting to crawl down the too-small cable cord hole, then giving up and bouncing around like a pinball until he ran between my feet and into the dark hallway. I will leave crack mouse be. No fine old house is complete without a resident rodent.

The nights seem longer than they did before the kid moved out. I wake at least two times a night, either from some sound or a dream of a sound. It seems my insomnia has returned with a vengeance. I've been chewing on the same pot of pho for three days now, trying hard not to buy groceries since there are still things here to eat, however odd. Tonight I will treat myself to a wee pot of beans and rice with Crystal hot sauce and a few tablespoons of pico de gallo. Perhaps I'll crisp up some corn tortillas in oil and make chips. Then I am

beginning in the studio after dinner because I must. Tomorrow and Sunday I will have help, but after that, maybe not so much. I have my old cleaning crew from Gaia's Green Clean coming in next week to help wash this grand old house down. I've got Glory Water and Blessed Chinese Wash, white sage, frankincense, holy water from the mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, and other mojolicious things to truly clean this house.


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