Sunday, September 30, 2007


I could not resist tempting YOU with this rare buy!

Collectors, come out, come out wherever you are!

Saturday, September 29, 2007


I've been culling my collection. Getting rid of non-essential, out of my interest era perfume items. This particular sample box is from the 1950s. Out of my era of interest, but not out of my olfactory interest.

I was going to put this up on Ebay today. It is just taking up space, and I haven't opened since the day I bought it, so I figure it's a non-essential. Except that it holds sentimental value for me. The scent that wafts from this box when it's opened is like having a door to another time in my life swinging wide, beckoning me to come inside.

My maternal grandmother is in there, so are my older cousins with their giggles and Mystery Date Game, and the little two-bedroom house on 9th Street is in there too. And the mulberry tree, the tire swing, the dusty dirt driveway, the almond tree hanging over the doghouse, black patent leather shoes, the scent of old wood in the garage, black widow spiders weaving their webs inside the fuse box, Smokey the Bear, pageboy haircuts, boysenberry cobbler, scraped knees and stubbed toes.

I can't sell all that.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

When Something Wrong is Right

Recently, I created a custom perfume which had no top notes. None. I felt guilty about this. I felt bad that I didn't blend it right with traditional top, middle and base notes. But the guilt and uncomfortable feelings I got from doing this were tempered by the scent of the perfume created ~ mossy, dank, quiet, strong, and quite tenacious. The customer, by the way, loved the scent.

It's a testament to intuition. Bag tradition. Sack the so-called experts (well, maybe let their heads out some ~ they do have experience on their side), and do what you do from your heart. This is maverick thinking, rebel talk. The culmination of doing what you're told year after year without result, then kicking it to the curb and doing your own 'thang' in complete, near orgasmic bliss. We see this every day. People who train hard, learn their craft (or sport or profession) and then mold their experience into something new.

Well, there's really nothing new about blending perfumes sans an accord. Joy doesn't have any base notes and it seems to have enjoyed great success.

I guess the point is to work it your way, put your spin on it. And try not to be afraid.

Back to perfumin'.

Since We're On the Subject

I thought this was fun. It's a test to determine your abilities for deceitfulness.

I scored a 53.

Go play!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Vetyver is like catnip. It's one of those heady, luxurious scents that make me want to rub my face against it -- whatever form it's in.

It's been a long while since I made vetyver soap, so I made a batch this morning. I added just a tiny bit of clove to it, to keep it masculine. That does not mean I won't slather up with it -- oh, no.

J'adore le vetyver. It speaks to me. Earth and fire and air with a touch of dampness. A humid, sticky scent that whispers and teases.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Le Parfumeur Rebelle's New Monthly Giveaway

LPR's first monthly giveaway is sponsored by Sunrose Aromatics.

The winner will receive 2 mls of luscious Motia Jasmine Attar, a co-distillation of Jasmine Sambac and Sandalwood.

Also included in the first giveaway are two of Sunrose's lovely Professional Formula (#'s 1 & 4) oil blends.

And a special secret prize from the editors of LPR.

To enter the October 2007 LPR giveaway, go here.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This one is really quite beautiful.

Perfume Bottles

Pretty, pretty.

Oh, here they are.

Poucher on Ebay

Not the full 3-volume set, but you get the idea here that these books are rare, or at least, very expensive.

Way Off Perfumery

I have this for sale on ebay.

Please do not lambaste me for buying dead skin. At the time I felt leather was necessary to prevent ROAD RASH in the event I dropped my motorcycle. I'm in the market for one of those funky, lumpy vinyl jobbers with elbow pads and breast plates. Gawd, they're ugly.

So, yeah, it ain't perfume and it's me selling something again.

Get over it.


Ho, mateys!

There's another marriage on the horizon in my wicked little family, yargh. My middlish son is marrying his high-school sweetheart, yargh. He's the wildest of the bunch, yargh. Aye, he's committed his fair share of mutiny in the family. He works as a 'refer man', which, if you have any imagination whatsoever, can go two ways -- I'm not explaining this any further, yargh. He's also a singer in a punk band, ho ho! And he's the only person I know who marks September 19th on the calendar every year with a big eye patch and actually celebrates 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' -- yargh.

For their wedding gift, we (that would be me and the hub) paid for their honeymoon in lovely, unimaginably quiet San Simeon, CA. The more personal gift I'm giving is a bottle of my very own spicy amber body oil.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Alas, my poor, poor perfumer's corner is awash in cobwebs! This picture is from earlier this year and in no way resembles the condition of the table right now. I've been periodically checking a few blends that I made a month back and noticed that my table is very dusty and that a sneaky, fast spider has set up shop in the shade of my lamp. I really need to get in there to clean.

The amber blend I've been stewing is coming along quite nicely. Remember a few posts back I mentioned it was too labdanum~y? Not so now. In fact, I'm quite surprised by it.

I made a soap yesterday that I have to recycle into another batch. I overdid the scenting and ended up with bleeding pockets of unmixed scent that made the end product look pocky and volcanic. So chop-chop, and drop into another batch. It smells bitchin', though, full of vanilla, almond, coffee and cocoa.

I am awaiting the arrival of a new copper alembic from a company overseas. Too bad it's just a garden decoration and not a working alembic -- gah! I plan on getting one of the smaller units later this year to distill some of my own eo's. A friend of mine will grow some lavender and rosemary for me on his farm -- I can hardly wait. I could always hit up Jane over in Carmel and sit in on a harvest and distillation session next summer . . . hmmmm.

I need to get out more.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Okay, even though I'm in the throes of a full-fledged COLD, all stuffy and sniffly and sneezy, I'm still feeling perfumey.

Taking time off from regular stuff is always good, so long as off is less than on.

Since teaching my class in August, I've kind of been laying low, revamping the beginner's class outline, mixing a few accords, working out an oracle-type perfume on paper.

There's some more nastiness going on out there. Name-calling and such. It's best ignored. In the grand scheme of things, it matters not a whit. And neither do the people being nasty.

I blended up a simple amber accord using Siam benzoin, ambriene and vanilla. It needs some tweaking. It's way too balsamic and not enough sweet. I'm also partial to spicy ambers, so I'll probably split this accord into four parts and experiment with spicy and floral blends. It still has about two weeks before it's done brewing and I can make the final evaluation. Besides, right now I'm in the midst of a cold, as I stated earlier, and nothing much is making its olfactory presence known.

I've got two important shows coming up, but they're mainly focusing on soap and skincare. I hope to garner more interest in perfumery at these shows, hooking people up with class information and getting something more regular going. The students from my first class have shown an interest in furthering their educations, so I have to begin work on a more advanced class.

I hope to be posting here more often as the 'season' kicks into high gear.

Please sign up for the giveaway on Le Parfumeur Rebelle. We're working on a monthly giveaway, so you have plenty of chances to win throughout the year. Good luck!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Giveaway on Le Parfumeur Rebelle

Le Parfumeur Rebelle is hosting another giveaway.

Apothecary Box

I adore these old apothecary boxes. This is an antique apothecary, quite nice, if the pictures are doing it justice. Sweet buy, too.

And yes, it's on ebay.

I've yet to purchase one of these antique jobbers. I have plenty of apothecary-like boxes around. In fact, I give quite a few away. My entire portable perfumery is held in antique reproduction medicine and apothecary boxes. They make beautiful presentations for classes, and they hold everything so snugly.

If you've got the ducats, do buy. Not this particular box, necessarily, but any apothecary style box you run across. They add a lovely touch and fulfill their function very well.

Yes, I've Gone Mad

Antique copper whiskey still. You have to check out the other picture -- it shows a coil inside the galvanized bucket for cooling the 'whiskey' on its way out.

Don't you just love ebay?

See it here.

I Just Love This Stuff

This is on ebay too. A copper alembic, not antique, but damned cute anyway, no?

Given space, and money, I'd fill a room with this kind of stuff -- my own museum.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Check It Out!!

Another rare ebay find! An antique alembic.

This bit of perfume history would look gorgeous in your collection, wouldn't it?

Antique Alembic.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Soap season has begun.

The first offering from Sierra Soapourri's holiday line is this luscious yum-yum -- Vanilla Almond Goatmilk Soap. Yeah, I know, thought I hated goat stuff, didn't ya? A lot of goat milk soaps I've tried (nearly all, actually) stunk. Like goats. My little dream bar here doesn't. Smells warm and sweet and delicious -- like candy, yet has all the decadent skin-loving goodness of goat's milk.

Limited supplies, so get yours while they last.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Pssst! Civet stinks!

My deliciously beautiful, lovely divine and generous friend Nicole sent me a teeny bit of civet dilution -- eeeeyuck!

I must say, though, it smells quite a lot like hyraceum -- butts and pee and wet fur.

Thanks, N.



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