Monday, August 25, 2008


Just a few days left to enter the August Le Parfumeur Rebelle giveaway!

This month features a bevy of organic natural skincare provided by Luscious Naturals, LLC.

Go get you some!

Season of the Witch

"~Season of the Witch Sale~

Hello and good to be back !

Life has changed a lot already with our lovely new baby!

But some things will never change ,

like my obsession with all things spooky!

I hope this finds you and yours happy and thriving.

Brightest Blessings- Moona

This is not the Halloween sale yet, more Halloween theme items will be added in September.

And this year , due to adjusting life with baby, Moona will be adding and continue replacing stock as we sell out of regular and Halloween products , now and thru November! So Halloween at MoonaLisa's will last three months!
~ Viva Halloween! ~

What's coming back?


Moona was unable to make many products for nine months for the safety of the little bun baking , but now that Minimoo is here and well, all your favorite products are back in stock and ready to go!

Sea Witch Bath Salts/Scrub

Sea Witch Orbs

Sea Witch Soap

Baby fat free Witches Butter !

Witches Butter Balls

Queen Bee Facial Soap

PoTiOn LoTioNs

Halloween Soaps are back !

Pumpkin Cheesecake /Caramel Pecan Pie

Carnival of Souls

Maniacal Mamie

Madame de Mal de Mort's

~House of Voodoo Wares~

Old and new spookiness

will be available in the Fall

Specials ~

* Buy any five bath bombs get one free!

* But any three soaps ( except the QUEEN BEE) get one FREE!

* From August 13th thru November 13th ,

All Sea Witch and Witches Butter products will be 13% off!

* Mention this add in the sellers notes and get a free Halloween gift!"

MoonaLisa ~ A Supernatural Clean

Moonie's Home Site

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Perfume Things

I've been away from the computer quite a lot these past few days, putting the final packaging touches on the first eau de parfum for TSD and diluting materials for trial studies.

The class I'm teaching is a week from now and I've got the primer for the class being worked on by a designer to make it more visually appealing since the content is very concise and dry. It's a primer. I'm just freaking out a little bit about the printing deadline . . .

All the materials necessary to complete the second eau de parfum for TSD are lined up and ready for blending -- I always get a little weird at this stage of the game. I need complete quiet in the house because once I start, I won't stop until the product is done, done and done. Breaking my concentration can be hazardous to the intruder's health. So I time my blending excursions for when the kids have made plans to go to a movie or hang out with friends ~ far, far away. School begins next week (yay!) so those quiet times will be more frequent. More formulating?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Custom Eau de Toilette ~ Nine Essence

The Scented Djinn Apothecary at is offering custom eau de toilette formulations.

"Nine essence custom eau de toilette in an organic grain alcohol base.

.50 oz (approx. 15 ml) spray bottle (as shown)

The Scented Djinn will choose nine essences which best represent your preferences and blend them into a natural eau de toilette.

Choose from the categories listed below to begin your custom EdT~


Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Le Parfumeur Rebelle Giveaway!

This month's sponsor is Luscious Naturals, LLC, purveyor of luxury vegan skincare products.

Giveaway items include: Luxury Salt Butter Scrub, Chamomile~Aloe Toner, Pure Natural
Vegan Clay Masque, and Kaolin Complexion Super Luxe Vegan


Luscious Naturals, LLC

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Revisiting Violette

I'm in the middle (or beginning, really) of a detox, so forgive me if these posts become -- well -- strange.

Worked a few hours yesterday on the mock up of violet. I'm trying to work out something resembling an eau de toilette with it. The extrait composition sticks for well over 24 hours, which is amazing to me considering the limited materials and dilutions being used, but not so amazing when considering that two of those materials are oakmoss and sandalwood. The drydown is only slightly woody, and very, very sweet/floral. I had my daughter sniff'a bit off my wrist. Her eyes lit up and she yelled, "Chowards!" That'd be Chowards' violet 'flavored' mints. I tested this revelation and found that the mock violet extrait bears a striking resemblance olfactorily to Chowards, except the mints are just a titch more fruity.

I might put a couple of drams of the finished EdT on the apothecary site. But that won't be for a few weeks yet.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Done, Done and Done!

Finally stopped my procrastinating and bottled up one of the limited edition perfumes to be presented on The Scented Djinn's new website in October. Still working on putting the other limited edition together, then blending away for the next project.

The class I'm teaching this year is almost upon me and finally -- finally! -- I think I've done all the revising and editing I can on the primer for the class. As beginning primer's go, it's not half bad. Now I have to get it printed up.

Received a batch of lavenders last week from Marcia over at Samara Botane -- lovely! The white lavender concrete speaks to me. I see it blending beautifully with spruce and patchouli absolutes, and a teeny little bit of violet leaf --and a tinier little bit of blue lotus-- to top it off. Marcia's tobacco concrete is probably one of the nicest tobaccos I've ever smelled ~ sweet, dry and earthy with a slight green undertone.

Friday, August 01, 2008


The winner of the Le Parfumeur Rebelle July 2008 Giveaway is ~ (drum roll, please) ~ Ruth Moore!

Ruth, you've been sent a private email from the LPR mailbox. Watch out for it.


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