Sunday, July 13, 2014

A New Opportunity Arises

Wild-harvested Pine Resin (Sierra Nevadas, CA)

It's been a real struggle keeping the business end of my business going -- it works in spurts and stops. The most successful new 'thing' I've begun is the making and selling of Kyphi incense. I enjoy a small, but dedicated, group of clients, and a smattering of one-shot sales. Without a big budget or some significant capital, it's like treading water. The thing is, I can't stop. I'll use whatever I can scrape together to get what I need to continue offering these delicious and unusual scent items. Which is why I'm considering a job. A real life job. A job to help fund my work. Because I've been asked to go into production with the Kyphi. There is huge potential to be represented in trade shows all over the country and possibly abroad. People who get it are truly and sincerely interested in working with me to make Kyphi a household name. Well, maybe not so common as that. It's all still in its early tentative stages, but the inquiries have been made and the response has been a big hell yeah. So. The future looks golden -- like sweet lemony frankincense golden.


  1. WOW dear - that sounds exiting. Cross my fingers etc.
    From Sweden with love.



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