Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Island Girl

One of my favorite natural perfumers is Kedra Hart of Opus Oils. Even though she started her journey in perfumery using synthetic ingredients, she's seen the direction the wind blows and has created an entire line of purely botanical 'fumes.

Island Girl Collection ~ 100% Natural Perfumes

Island (Hawaiian) ~ Coconut, crooking its sand-and-sea finger in a 'come hither' fashion, is lushly draped over folds of pink lotus, orange blossom, champaka, plumeria, tuberose and pikaki, leaving one's head filled to overflowing with images of soft white beaches, lofty palm trees, warm tropical breezes brushing lightly upon naked skin, and intoxicating drinks served in coconut shells.

Sugar Island (Caribbean) ~ A sugary, sweet confection with a hint of juicy lime. This 'fume imparts 'tropical' shades of buttery coconut and sun-warmed skin, slightly floral and light. It is sexy and sweet and speaks of beach parties, barbeques and swimming under the moonlight.

Tiare (Tahitian) ~ Rich in floral opulence, Tiare is the siren of this bunch. Jasmine, ylang and vanilla create a lush cloud of smooth, creamy sexiness. Coconut, which strolls out about three minutes after the 'fume is applied, brings the perfume together to complete the whole 'Island Girl' motif. I hate to say it, but I'm sorely tempted to lick where this 'fume's been applied. Maybe I should put this on my husband, no?

Mantra (Bali) ~ Mantra reminds me of something ~ something lost in my memories. It opens in shades of vanilla and honey, light and airy, and for a moment I almost smell something bitter, like frankincense. Perhaps it is the oudh that lends the bitter, resinous character. At any rate, I like it. It's more incensey than the rest of the 'Island Girl' collection; softer, quieter and more hypnotic.

Tropique (Madagascar) ~ Tropique is just downright edible! Predominently coconut and vanilla with hints of coffee and cocoa, it's no wonder I want to eat it! This is a very lush, full-bodied 'fume, one that will cause heads to whip 'round and set minds to wonder what it is.

All the 'Island Girl' Collection is fun. I'd recommend getting a few samples and carrying it around in, oh, say, January, when your rear-end is freezing and the heating unit just broke down. Smear a bit under your nose and you'll be transported to a) the beach, b) a warm coffee house, or c) swimming in a cloud of coconut cream!

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