Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Natural Perfume Review ~ La Via del Profumo

Gringo ~ Opens with a dry, loud citrusy-fruit note that fades to lindeny flatness; moves on and is enlivened with a smattering of spices which come and go, as if someone were opening a lid on a pot of potpourri, then quickly closing it again as the scent puffs out.

On the skin it remains loudly fruity, then becomes sweet with those murky linden notes weaving throughout, turns slightly floral and segues into a shadowy animal note. Here, too, the perfume displays slightly salty notes with hints of pepper.

An accurate impression of the perfume would not be possible directly from the bottle. It is sharply citrusy and fruity from the bottle with none of the salty, peppery, musky, floral, linden-like notes appearing at all.

The drydown is spectacular. All the fruit notes disappear completely and leave just the musky sweet and floral tones.

Profumo's aesthetic is different from the American made natural and botanical perfumes I've tried. It is artful and precise, as if attempting to suppress the tendency to create something overtly decadent. In the process, however, the perfume does become decadent, but in an elegant and refined way.

My personal preference is what's left ~ the drydown intrigues me. If the perfume smelled that way from beginning to end, I'd buy a vat.

*This perfume contains castoreum.

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