Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let's Get On With It, Shall We?

I've been very lax in writing on this blog of late, for many, many reasons. Part of it has to do with karma. I don't want to attract karma of the negative persuasion, so I've left off making snarky comments about others making snarky comments online. I'm coming to realize this makes my blog somewhat boring if I'm not being nasty to someone else who's being nasty in general. But that's the way it's going to be. I'm taking it with a smile and moving on in my own direction. So all you gossip mongers, go somewhere else for fodder.

Besides! -- I've been busier than a cat covering poo!

Someone recently asked me what my inspirations were, who, or what, inspired me to do what I do RE: natural and botanical perfumery, and the dorkiest answer ever came flying out of my mouth -- people! I didn't even think about it -- I paused before answering because my brain was screaming, 'People! People! People!', then I blurted out, "People!" Gawd. Here I was all this time thinking I didn't even like people ~ ha! I had an epiphany in that moment -- I don't hate people, I love them, they just frustrate and mystify the hell out of me, but they do so inspire me regardless, to become a better person, a better perfumer.

So which people are my inspirations? Lots, and here's the shortlist, the current top five: Lisa Camasi because she's the most intelligent, honest and open person in this business. And she's been burned. And she's moving on. And she's one of those people who you can ask and you shall receive -- advice, information, goods. She knows of which she speaks, basically, and that's a lot when you consider the absolute crap people are saying out there in cyberland. Ylva Rubennson because she's funny and quirky and about a thousand times more talented than she allows herself to believe, and she thinks with her heart, and doesn't give a crap what anyone thinks about that, and her generosity is beyond anything I've ever encountered before. Andy Tauer (not a strict natural perfumer) because he doesn't have an ego and he should. Because he's doing what so many of us want to -- building a business from the ground up with pure talent fueling the rise. And he's just a nice dude, man. Sara Phillips because she is snarky, and intelligent and talented and human, and a little bit prickly -- but therein lies the magic. This woman thinks. And, finally, my father. Glen Miller. No, not the big band player whose plane went down in Europe! Glen Miller the biker. Glen Miller the Gypsy Joker. Glen Miller from Highway City, CA by way of Clovis, NM. Yeah. The guy who spawned this rebel perfumer. He was afraid of nothing, not even Death when he came knocking on his door. He always had a smile on his face, like the Cheshire Cat, and a twinkle in his eyes. He fought for what he believed in. He was loyal, spiritual, funny and kind, but he was also hell on wheels when crossed. And he backed me up in everything I ever did. He's still got my back.

Anyway, like I mentioned at the beginning of the list, that's just the shortlist. There are dozens of people in this business who inspire me, encourage me, laugh with me, laugh at me. And that's ok. Like I said, I'm smiling and moving on.


  1. Justine, that's the nicest thing I've read about myself in ages :)

    I am hoping that once I've completed my move to larger and greener pastures (found a bigger place to live this week) I'll be able to take more time to let the snark out to play, huh.

    In the meantime, I have to take a page from your book and DECLUTTER. It'll involve gnashing of teeth, and tearing of hair, but it'll be worth it, of course.

    (And I envy you your dad, Mr. Miller.)

  2. Can't wait for the snark to come out to play :D

    The decluttering process was fraught with much tearing of hair here, for certain. Well worth the effort, though.

    Mr. Miller was something.

  3. Dahhhling,
    I haven't read any NP7BP blogs lately and then when I did - I found this!! I'm soooo thrown that I needed over 12hrs to digest it;-) and I totally agree with your views on the other "contestants". If you and Lisa can come up with a joint way to bang me over the head to awaken me, feel free. I surely need something that send me into a perfume creating extravaganza;-) But at least it's better to quilt than to do nothing creative at all - huh?

    Hmm, to have had a father like that...I am a tad bit envious, but at least mine transfered his bizarre sense of humor to me :-D

    Since my Virgo me get the better of me from time to time, my different work stations get uncluttered every so often, otherwise my creative juices just dries up.

    Love ya tons and tons,

  4. Ok,*bonk*,that was me banging you over the head ~ ha!

    Someday we'll talk about dear old dad, eh? Maybe here, maybe not.

    Having a clear workspace is just the thing to get you in the mood -- then again, I sometimes just want to sit and admire the clean and not touch anything, until I put pen to paper and scratch out that first next idea -- then all bets are off and the messing commences!

    Talk to me, girl.





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