Friday, April 18, 2008

Celebrating Earth Day

Tomorrow we celebrate Earth Day at the Intermountain Nursery in Prather, CA.

It will be a day of speeches and music and celebrations, a time to meet with old friends we haven't seen in a while, a time to heal.

The folks at Intermountain will cleanse the grounds of negativity, a task which results in a tangible sensation of peace and airiness when you step foot into the gardens. It's absolutely one of the most amazing feelings.

The last time I visited, some time in December/January, I walked around and felt this immense peace and tranquility. It was exhilarating. So when I went into the shop on the grounds, I asked the clerk if they'd done something recently, if they'd healed the garden or performed a cleansing, and the girls eyes widened and she said, "Yes. We did it yesterday. How did you know?" And I told her I could feel it. She was beside herself with giddiness, amazed that somebody could actually feel the positive vibrations running through the nursery.


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