Monday, October 20, 2008

Class Begins October 25th

It will indeed be an exciting year. Nature's Nexus has created a year-long online perfumery course for aspiring natural botanical perfumers. The instruction for this pilot course is (or was) free. The class is full up! We had an overwhelming response to our offer, which was surprising and exciting considering the obstacles.

Though the course itself is free, the evaluation kits of 88 essences plus a packet of 100 scent strips is not; nor is the primer and essence kits of 20 blending primaries housed in a handmade, portable perfumer's organ. These are optional for the course. What is also free are the introduction packets which include a beautifully crafted essence chart.

The course begins with a fully comprehensive safety unit and glossary with references and links, and finishes with instruction on creating and standardizing tinctures and extracts, base building and composing and finishing a perfume.

Writing on this blog may again become scanty for the next year or so . . . or maybe not.

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