Monday, October 19, 2009

Update on Things and Such

Working very hard over here in my little lab of wonders. Making delicious soap, and happily packaging and shipping the results of my labor all over the world. This is the best job ever! I'm getting ready to distill a few things -- patchouli for hydrosol, sandalwood chips for more hydrosol. Lemons will be coming in again soon, so I'll be under the tree gathering lemon blossoms, lemons, leaves and twigs and making a tri-quad- or whatever distillation soon. Now that the cooler weather has commenced, the al-embic will be put to use again. I had it up at Intermountain during the festival and people commented on the age of my little al-embic. Some guessed it an antique because it was dirty and patinaed and banged up -- but no, she's a baby, in both age and size, but she serves me well, and hopefully, if you purchase my wares, she'll serve you too. Good things usually come out of beautiful containers.

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