Thursday, August 12, 2010


No. Not that kind of sniff, a sniveling sniff. The kind of sniff that happens when something awful occurs.

Remember that rose geranium hydrosol I made a couple of months back? Remember there were a few luscious milliliters of essential oil? Remember I didn't separate the oil from the hydro?



SOMEBODY, that elusive soul who I had thought long gone from the house, has returned, and he has brought with him HAVOC. HAVOC, my arch-nemesis. The pal hiding behind SOMEBODY like the little chicken sh*t he is, abruptly, and with malice, I am sure, opened the little fridge containing the precious hydros, creating a force so strong, so immense, as to thrust the rose geranium hydrosol bottle out of the fridge door and onto the hard floor. Where it shattered. Into a bazillion tiny little pieces. *sniff*

Now for the silver lining ~ the house reeks of rose geranium, as does the floor and the mop and the trash bin.

Still kind of bummed about the vintage bottle getting broken, though . . .

All together now! *SNIFF*!


  1. Oh no, how horrible :(

  2. Yeah. I can always make more. But the vintage weird science flask has a broken neck and that bothers me more than anything about this run-in with HAVOC. *sigh*



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