Monday, September 03, 2012

Day 80 ~ One Year, One Nose

Buddha wood ~ from the box of aromatic wonders, dark and leathery without the smoky undertones leather scents carry. There's a sweetness to Buddha wood, and a fire-like quality, but again, nothing smoky or bitter about it.

Antique oil of Cade ~ here is where the smoke lives, within the cade. This scent is burnt and bitter and smoky, roaring and crackling with heat. Also has a leathery quality, like old well-worn cowboy boots drying by the fireplace. The scent is indigo blue with piercing yellow streaks.

Tolu, Baumarome ~ Grasse ~ I love tolu. I have an antique tolu that makes me smile every time I smell it. This newer tolu (from the goodies' box) is stunning -- more sweet and candy-like and less spicy than my antique. Tolu does beautiful things when it's diluted, like turning floral and narcotic, akin to hyacinth and jonquil. There's a watery aspect to tolu, which makes it silvery blue.

Green vetyver aka ruh khus ~ this ruh khus is grassy green, visually brilliant and appealing; the scent is fresh vetyver, rooty and earthy and warm with tones of rich black cold creek muck and damp moss.

My treasure chest of scented wonders is not yet empty, so I shall continue to share the discoveries in the coming days.

Fragrant dreams, my friends.

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