Sunday, July 28, 2013

Experimentation Reigns!

Today I've been doing what my mother would sarcastically call 'fiddle f*cking' around in the studio -- finding out if the burner on a cup warmer can be used as an electric incense diffuser, burning bits of pine resin on the end of toothpicks, figuring out the dispersal ratio of one drop of essential oil/absolute in a cup, a pint, and a quart of water -- all this is for a purpose, I promise.

Whilst fiddle f*cking I made a small experimental batch of bitter orange/orange blossom sugar cubes for teas and lemonade. Today, since it's blazing hot and the air is nearly still, I'm sipping freshly squeezed limeade over lime wedges, ice, and a bitter orange/orange blossom sugar cube. It is heavenly, but judging by the heat out here, it could easily go the other way -- hahahaha!

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