Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Business of Doing Business

This is an especially tough time of year for me with regard to selling. I'm not a good hawker. I can't objectively describe my 'goods' without simply listing off the ingredients used, and maybe a comment about how the product made me feel in a moment of clear inspiration, but that doesn't always come. I was there when the art was conceived, and I was there when the art was born, so it's precious to me ~ and, yes, I do consider the vast majority of the products I create as art. I've invested a lot of time and energy and love into perfecting my art, and I continue to work on it. I've been making smells for nearly 20 years, spells for twice as long as that, and they are inevitably intertwined in the work I do. And I live off what I make. The money I acquire through my art pays  insurance, phone, music, and personal items. There's very little left in the kitty after that, but what is goes right back into my art. (I know this isn't how business is supposed to be run, but it's necessary at this point). My business growth is somewhat stagnant because of my business practices. I don't mind growing slow, heck, I relish the slow growth! It leaves me time to explore different ideas, create new things, dream up something transcendent. But grow I must or I'm doomed. And this art is my life's blood, it's what I love, my passion, I can't imagine a life where I can't walk into my creation space and pull down a few bottles, a special oil, a chunk of beeswax, or a mortar and pestle and begin to grind a resin, inspired by a random knocking thought, or a whisper from the muses, or the pure beauty of an oak leaf falling from a tree (in gypsy lore an oak leaf falling on your head is good luck -- in case you were wondering). If you buy from me, leave some feedback, that helps prospective new clients decide whether or not they care to try me out. If you buy from me and are pleased, share your pleasure with a friend, tell 'em there's this strange lady on the 'net who makes these incredible . . .

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