Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blood Moon. . . 'n Stuff. Y'know There's Always Gonna Be 'Stuff'

This was the Blood Moon just a few minutes before it went all dark and bloody. The fog was rolling in and the sky was obscured by mist, and this was the best shot I got. Sad. About 30 minutes later, after I'd gone to bed, I hopped up to peek out the window and saw the Blood Moon in all her glory, as the fog had lifted, but I was too tired to go downstairs to grab the camera. So you get this fuzzy bulb to commemorate the first Blood Moon of the year. Not impressive.

Today's stinky selections are: cedarmoss absolute, and white champaca absolute in alcohol.

First, the cedarmoss -- heaven! Cedarmoss opens much like oakmoss, deep and earthy and warm with vanilla-like notes, forest floor, wet leaves, and notes of tobacco and woods, but then cedarmoss does something different, it gets sweet and spicy, like tolu, and it lacks the sharp edges of oakmoss, coming across smooth and creamy and edible. It's leathery and sooty, sugary and woody, cinnamon toast and fine cigars. Inside the bottle of completely solid absolute grow crystals -- it's just amazing stuff.  I thought I was head over heels in love with the scent of oakmoss, now oakmoss has a contender -- this cedarmoss is exquisite.

White champaca is lovelier than even the red champa. It's sweeter. Candy-like, with a spicy top note (cinnamon), smells a bit like cananga with a titch of orange blossom. It smells a little like chai tea, with green floral notes and a mere hint of pepper. There is an oily aspect to it as well -- it's fatty smelling, not unpleasant, but bold and round and expansive. Very pretty stuff, this champaca.


  1. Anonymous1:40 AM

    And here I was thinking you wrote Blue Moon and memories of a wonderful group in the past sprung to min. A group full with talented, fun and über generous women - aaahhh, good ol' days :)
    Happy Easter darling!

    1. I may write about the Blue Moon group some day. I was just talking with someone a few days ago about that group, the people in it, and how it literally changed the way we make products and look at the raw materials we use. That group liberated us from the humdrum, broke rules, and created some of the most beautiful (still) perfumes and body care I've ever experienced.



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