Monday, June 30, 2014

The Adventures of a Renegade Wildharvester

Canvas tool bag, several pairs of gardening gloves, two shears, bag of gallon zipper bags

This is my wildharvesting kit. Simple enough. It seemed an absolute necessity since prior to putting together 'the kit', I was ripping plants out of the ground with my bare hands, making a complete mess of myself and the plantlife I was disrespectfully harvesting.

Where I live, on the central coast, there's a law on the books wherein you bring your own bags to bag groceries and whatnot -- stores over a certain size no longer provide plastic grocery bags -- and the paper ones, too -- to their customers, which is fine and dandy as far as I'm concerned. However, it creates a deficit in random plastic grocery bags floating around in the trunk of the car when wildharvesting. And not having shears handy was a problem as well. Or gloves. Common sense dictated a kit.

Thar she blows, the official Stealth Wildharvesters Kit. Also works great if you're raiding your neighbors pot farm. I'm kidding. Really. Kidding. Okay.

Who would ever suspect the lady walking around the neighborhood with a little black tool bag? Well, yeah, just about everybody, sure. I promise to ask before I commence snipping.

The town I live in is covered with lavender. Every island in the road, every dr's office garden, every frontage at the strip malls -- covered with blooming lavender -- and me just itching to snip. And it looks to be the good stuff, too, the fine English, sweet and delicate and frickin' blooming! Can you tell this is driving me nuts? All this material and the legal issues of raiding the city's garden looming.

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