Friday, March 13, 2015


Based upon universal rules, I should have been out of this gig long ago. I started with zero spare dollars in my pocket, five unruly kids in the house, a stressful part-time job, and a partner who'd tuned way, way, way out (he had his reasons), which left me to either flounder in the raising of children, keeping house, and working a hatefully stressful part-time job, OR flounder in the raising of children, keeping house, working a super stressful part-time job, AND creating aromatic art. I chose the latter. And let me tell you, it wasn't easy. Fast forward 17 years to where I am now, no small children in the house except for the occasional babysitting job, a partner who at least grunts every now and then, and years and years of experience in the trenches, nearly all of which went completely uncompensated. Why would anyone keep going knowing that year after year they were throwing money in a hole that might never fill up? Me, obviously. Because I'm stubborn, obstinate, determined, and tenacious. Because while doing it, as long as I told myself it was an education, it justified the costs. Because if I stopped, I might have withered up and floated away having never encountered the joy inspired by a beautifully crafted artisan extract of hyacinth, or felt the glow of saffron in shea, or met some of the most amazing human begins I've ever known.


  1. That damned tenacity gene has been my bane and saving grace as well! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for commenting Maggie. You stated it perfectly, a bane and saving grace. xo



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