Monday, April 20, 2015

A Little Bit of Griping, A Little Bit of Incense, A Lot of Hot Air

Why is it when I set aside a little time for experimentation, suddenly everyone needs something from me, like, right now? A ride, a few bucks, keep an eye on something (don't move while doing so), organize something, wash something, cook something -- it's flippin' exhausting! I feel like a puppy chasing its tail these days. Basically sick of being everyone else's rock and no one being mine. I got nothin', except this jar of frankincense. And a bag of sandalwood chips. And some weird black resin that sort of smells like frankincense but mostly smells like feet. And I think I'm retaining water.

I know I already wrote a bit about the goods from Mermade Magickal Arts, but my nifty little candle powered incense burner arrived from Germany and I've had a chance to actually warm some of those baubles and bits, to my utter astonishment. The Labdanum & Myrrh pastilles are insane! The room began to fill with scent almost the moment I dropped a piece of the resin onto a wee bit of foil in the burner dish -- now the room is awash in labdanum's bitterish amber warmth. This incense reminds me just how much I appreciate and love labdanum resin, the rawest and hairiest form that can be found.
Labdanum & Myrrh Pastille ~ Mermade Magickal Arts

Long view: Labdanum & Myrrh Pastille
Yesterday I burned a pinch of Floating World and -- well, amazing again. The quality of the raw materials used in these incense selections is phenomenal. Top drawer all the way around. And funny, this time around, I barely caught the camphor note in Floating World, not the way I had a few days ago when my head was swimmy with hay fever.

I also burned a few bits of genuine Mysore sandalwood chips that I received from JK DeLapp and damn near passed out! The scent was beyond words, and so intense. My wee cottage house smelled like a temple!
I guess I'm really feeling put out right now with all the home maintenance and catering to ding bats who can't seem to wipe their own bums without assistance and really, REALLY, the core of it all is that I haven't had time to sit down and create. There's a backlog of scented ideas in my head that are just screaming to come out, but the damned cat wants to be fed! Right. Flippin'. Now.

Gotta run.


  1. Hi Justine - can you reveal the source of your German Incense burner please? I haven't seen one like that before. Thanks!

    1. Sure. I got it on Ebay from a seller in Germany.

    2. Thanks! Speaking as a non-mum by choice, thank you for bringing up the next generation, and hope you get more me-time soon...

    3. You're welcome :)



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