Wednesday, August 19, 2015


The writing is becoming a little easier. I heard back from one of my good friends, a mentor and alchemist, about putting forth the weird little circle thing with all the bleed over, and was reassured that I'm on the right track, that the work is genuine and useful. That's really all I was concerned about. I'm not trying to re-write anything here; it's all the same stuff, just a different way of looking at it. And it doesn't surprise me that in my mind's eye the construction of natural perfume is a series of circles -- everything I 'see' in my mind's eye is circles -- years, for example, in my mind are circles. When I was four I drew out a 'year' in crayon for my mother and she thought -- well, I'm not sure what exactly, but I think she was a little surprised and maybe a bit confounded. On my little year graph, I had made each season its own color, and each month as well, like a splendiferous rainbow pie. My spelling was poor as I had just learned to read and wasn't familiar with writing -- everything was phonetic. I think perhaps that's when my 'genius' peaked as I wasn't a particularly good student in school. I remember in first grade being publicly shamed by my teacher for not having an answer to a math question because I was daydreaming and had colored every one of my fingernails with a pencil. Math was a bore and that teacher, in my very vivid imagination, was a witch -- short pin curled black hair, white powdered skin, and bright red lips on a pruney face. She was a mean one, that lady, and she more than lived up to my imagination. I had a rather traumatic and colorful childhood, both at home and in school. Oh, the yarns of self-humiliation I could spin for you.

The point is, I'm going to continue doing what I'm doing in the new book -- continue with my POV and toss the 'right' way of doing it because honestly, my best work ever was done completely the 'wrong' way. Experimentation is my middle name! Not really.

We all, over time, develop our own way of formulating natural perfume, despite all the books and courses we may take, and so long as the end result is a lovely (and marketable) perfume, then the work was done correctly. Now I feel like I'm over explaining . . .

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