This is the studio today. All that bit in the middle there, the basket, the bottles, the general disarray, that came out of my bedroom. That's what I was living with since moving here. There are a few things that need to be done today before I can tackle that space again, but it will be ship shape by mid-February and beautiful things will be brewing again. There is just so much on my plate at the moment. That health scare we thought we'd averted has raised its head again and the little wee one is back to being poked and prodded in search of a diagnosis. We're still in the 'it could be nothing' or 'it could be really bad' stage of the investigation. It isn't easy staying optimistic in the face of what could be devastating news.

As I mentioned, there is a lot on my plate. I just had a long conversation with an associate who is talking about creating wonderful things -- opportunities, livelihoods, top quality raw materials for the future of natural perfumery, and so much more. This means more involvement for me in the perfumery world, something I've dreamt of since beginning this journey. There is the studio to finish up, perfumes to create, incense to birth, spiritual growth to tend, a garden of food and scent to nurture, friends to talk with, family to emotionally support, wonderful things to learn, the humdrum realities of the daily grind, and they're all crowding around me. I can choose to be overwhelmed, or I can jump into the fray. I've always been a rather successful multi-tasker.

In the Garden:

Sprouting Tuberose
Sprouting Hyacinth
Tuberose bed
Hyacinth bed

There are also beds of artichoke, onion, kale, romaine, starters on kajari and Queen Anne melon, as well as those sweet little herbs. There is a lot more work to do as these beds are insufficient to hold all of the food and scent that are planned. Plus we're going to be laying down a slab of concrete for a patio, and the plantings have to be strategic in order not to be pulled up during early growth.

There is so much to do, and here I am, slapping away at this keyboard. Until next time!


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