Sunday, September 24, 2006

Saffron and Sex

I just had to throw this in here, since I was on the subject of cumin and man-sweat and I was sort of tight-roping sex.

I've tinctured saffron. Just a smidge cuz that's all I need. Saffron isn't one of those smells that makes you all squishy inside and ask questions. It's interesting. Foody, of course. Stains the hell out of whatever it's mixed with.

I read somewhere, can't recall where exactly (age creates these memory lapses . . . ), that women in ancient times would blend saffron paste with rose oil and apply it to their nipples for their lovers' pleasure. The theory is that the nipple sniffer becomes extremely excited and gives the old girl a healthy toss before passing out next to her, his bright orange nose glowing in the darkness.

So now I'm off to find an acceptable rose oil. And then . . . well, that's none of your business.


  1. The only bad thing about saffron, is that it stains terribly. On the nipples you say? Hmm, don't wanna have mine all violent yellow, even if it would make them taste good LOL.

    Is there a way to get the colors our of tinctures? Have no idea miself...

    Saffron with bitter citruses is great btw. Saffron with vanilla...saffron with sandalwood...saffron with rose? Better go and smell it.

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  3. I've accidentally paled out a strawberry tincture using a filter and pump set-up for a small 10 gallon fish tank. The draw-back was that it also drew out a lot of the scent. The strawberry tincture went from bright, ruby red to pale, almost yellowish pink. I was just trying to filter for sediment, but left the pump on too long ~ about 30 minutes ~ and the end result was poured down the drain. I'd be afraid to filter down tinctures to pale out color knowing that the scent is compromised.

  4. Had a big laugh reading this, and still laughing.



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