Sunday, December 10, 2006

Banishing Negativity or Preparing for a Better Year

Sever the ties that bind creativity. (Had initially written 'severe the ties' ~ little Freudian slip, no?)


It's drizzly and cold out today. Not the best time to prepare bath bombs. But that's what I'm doing. They're drying on a rack with a portable radiator warming their little bums.

And do they ever smell sweet.

Jasmine Amber bomb ~ Eden Botanical's luscious jasmine amber essence resin, jasmine sambac absolute, jasmine grandiflorum absolute, a few other aromatic delicacies, organic sunflower oil, nilotica shea. Wish they were all mine and not being sent off to fizz in someone else's tub.

We've been anointing ourselves lavishly with all sorts of natural goodies ~ shea 'n virgin olive oil with rose otto, sandalwood, ylang and oudh ~ dollops of the stuff in tubs of warm water.

Maggie, a reader of this blog, sent a link for a natural skincare company I think would be worth visiting ~

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