Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy New Year

I just knew I could do it! I finally got the blending station cleared out, cleaned up and put together -- again. The new blending table looks spectacular! With all my collectible jewel boxes standing in as oil and absolute containers, cruets filled with jewel-toned liquids, beakers, pipettes, scalies (that's a druggie term for scales that weigh in micrograms -- and you really don't need to know how I know that -- no, I don't sell drugs, if that's what you're thinkin') and notes scattered everywhere, it truly looks like an apothecary's bench.

I've had such fun these past few days arranging everything in a more organized way. I even had time to blend the beginnings of a perfume.

Onto things that are not me ~ ferreting out information and snuffling up scented goodies has become a passion. Here are a few of my findings (ok, so it is a little about me):

Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrfumery ~ delicious little website with the most adorable graphics.

Molly's Artisanal Soap ~ Fresh! This chick also sells perfume ~ mmmmm!

Erzulie's ~ Bomb ass website! You could literally spend hours and hours perusing.

Go have yourself some fun hanging out at these gorgeous scented places.

And have a wonderful New Year.


  1. Sweet Suede1:41 AM

    I wanna see pictures of that blending station!!! I sounds absolutely wonderful and so very different from my shabby one - and from the one I have planed for the remodling of my entire studio.

  2. Bottles, bottles, everywhere! As big as it is, it's not big enough. I've still got things hiding in stacked boxes.



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