Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Alas, my poor, poor perfumer's corner is awash in cobwebs! This picture is from earlier this year and in no way resembles the condition of the table right now. I've been periodically checking a few blends that I made a month back and noticed that my table is very dusty and that a sneaky, fast spider has set up shop in the shade of my lamp. I really need to get in there to clean.

The amber blend I've been stewing is coming along quite nicely. Remember a few posts back I mentioned it was too labdanum~y? Not so now. In fact, I'm quite surprised by it.

I made a soap yesterday that I have to recycle into another batch. I overdid the scenting and ended up with bleeding pockets of unmixed scent that made the end product look pocky and volcanic. So chop-chop, and drop into another batch. It smells bitchin', though, full of vanilla, almond, coffee and cocoa.

I am awaiting the arrival of a new copper alembic from a company overseas. Too bad it's just a garden decoration and not a working alembic -- gah! I plan on getting one of the smaller units later this year to distill some of my own eo's. A friend of mine will grow some lavender and rosemary for me on his farm -- I can hardly wait. I could always hit up Jane over in Carmel and sit in on a harvest and distillation session next summer . . . hmmmm.

I need to get out more.

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