Tuesday, September 25, 2007

When Something Wrong is Right

Recently, I created a custom perfume which had no top notes. None. I felt guilty about this. I felt bad that I didn't blend it right with traditional top, middle and base notes. But the guilt and uncomfortable feelings I got from doing this were tempered by the scent of the perfume created ~ mossy, dank, quiet, strong, and quite tenacious. The customer, by the way, loved the scent.

It's a testament to intuition. Bag tradition. Sack the so-called experts (well, maybe let their heads out some ~ they do have experience on their side), and do what you do from your heart. This is maverick thinking, rebel talk. The culmination of doing what you're told year after year without result, then kicking it to the curb and doing your own 'thang' in complete, near orgasmic bliss. We see this every day. People who train hard, learn their craft (or sport or profession) and then mold their experience into something new.

Well, there's really nothing new about blending perfumes sans an accord. Joy doesn't have any base notes and it seems to have enjoyed great success.

I guess the point is to work it your way, put your spin on it. And try not to be afraid.

Back to perfumin'.

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