Sunday, December 09, 2007

Underworld ~ A Natural Perfume by Liz Zorn

Underworld. The name evokes dank darkness and wicked biting things creeping low on the ground -- or under the ground. Slithering, slimy fearful things, all fangs and glowing red eyes. Ok, so I have a very active imagination. Thankfully, Underworld is none of the above.

Instead, it is resinous and oudhy, floral with a soft powdery sweetness that grows in intensity as the 'fume lies on the skin. An anise-like quality twines about this perfume, and is tempered with roses and dark spices. Smells animalic. Not the musty, fusty smell of unwashed fur, but the clean animal smell that floats off the skin of a well-loved cat.

An underlying ambery vanilla chord gives the entire perfume a warm, candy-like feel. And booziness - there's a boozy, barroom-on-a-dark-rainy-night, -blues-playing-on-the-juke-box essence dancing around too.

The gourmandy part of this perfume is luscious. Chocolate and Sen Sen breath freshener, burnt coffee and cinnamon. To top it off, there's also a thread of old leather glove, firewood, smoke and ash.

This perfume is definitely dark. But dark in a way that is alluring and sensual.

*Notes: vetyver, cinnamon, cocoa, coffee, ginger lily, labdanum, pomegranate, rose, geranium leaf, birch, vanilla, 'sweet amber', jasmine A., angelica, 'mosses', 'woods'.

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  1. I am a subscriber to the Google Perfume Alerts, and what a surprise to see a review of one of my scents today.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a lovely piece. Underworld is not for everyone, and I am so pleased that you chose it.
    Best, Liz (ZZ) Zorn



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