Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Done, Done and Done!

Finally stopped my procrastinating and bottled up one of the limited edition perfumes to be presented on The Scented Djinn's new website in October. Still working on putting the other limited edition together, then blending away for the next project.

The class I'm teaching this year is almost upon me and finally -- finally! -- I think I've done all the revising and editing I can on the primer for the class. As beginning primer's go, it's not half bad. Now I have to get it printed up.

Received a batch of lavenders last week from Marcia over at Samara Botane -- lovely! The white lavender concrete speaks to me. I see it blending beautifully with spruce and patchouli absolutes, and a teeny little bit of violet leaf --and a tinier little bit of blue lotus-- to top it off. Marcia's tobacco concrete is probably one of the nicest tobaccos I've ever smelled ~ sweet, dry and earthy with a slight green undertone.

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