Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Revisiting Violette

I'm in the middle (or beginning, really) of a detox, so forgive me if these posts become -- well -- strange.

Worked a few hours yesterday on the mock up of violet. I'm trying to work out something resembling an eau de toilette with it. The extrait composition sticks for well over 24 hours, which is amazing to me considering the limited materials and dilutions being used, but not so amazing when considering that two of those materials are oakmoss and sandalwood. The drydown is only slightly woody, and very, very sweet/floral. I had my daughter sniff'a bit off my wrist. Her eyes lit up and she yelled, "Chowards!" That'd be Chowards' violet 'flavored' mints. I tested this revelation and found that the mock violet extrait bears a striking resemblance olfactorily to Chowards, except the mints are just a titch more fruity.

I might put a couple of drams of the finished EdT on the apothecary site. But that won't be for a few weeks yet.

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