Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big A'boom!


The still blew her top.

Hit the ceiling, splattered oozy resin all over the cabinets, drizzled down the side of the fridge, slobbered on the floor.

An hour later and I'm still finding sand-like grains of stinky frank in the weirdest places -- inside the bowl of the Kitchenaid, but not on the outside; a big round splotch in the middle of the kitchen window and nowhere else on the glass. It was as if little cannon balls of frankincense went flying from the still.

So, I did what every determined mad alchemist would do -- I started a new batch.


  1. omg. I can see that....I know it's not funny but - ok I'm sorry it is!


  2. It is.

    When it went, I knew what it was immediately. I just sat in the other room for a minute bracing myself for the gloopy mess I was sure to find.

    Note to self, and other aspiring home distillers: Check coils for clogs, uh huh, check 'em.

    On the upside, my cabinets are scented.

  3. Hi Nothing quite like a frankincense explosion is there? Sounds like you got a quick handle on it though. I had an almost disaster the other day but managed to rescue before total chaos. I think the still is a bit big for me. Good luck-Trygve

  4. Hi Trygve,
    No, there's nothing like a frankincense explosion. I'm still finding little splats of dried frankincense here and there -- on top of the refrigerator. I'm used to working with a tiny still and it's just the perfect size for experimenting. I think later, when I really get into it, I'll get a larger still -- then I'll have to figure out where to get larger amounts of raw material. It's always something. Good luck to you as well!



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