Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring and Toilets

Spring is definitely in the air here in sunny*slash*rainy central California. The bread basket is bursting with scent and color. The trees are blooming and pollinating and spewing their love into the atmosphere for all of us allergy sufferers to embrace. Plum trees are usually the first to welcome in the warmer weather, excitedly throwing open their dark branches to break out in pink petaled sweetly scented blossoms reminiscent of plum tea and girlie-girl eau de toilette. Then go the ornamental pears, the dreaded "cum" trees, with their funky sea-like spunk wafting from tiny pearlescent white petals. Daffodils and jonquils are sprouting up everywhere, as are the hyacinths -- more on them later.

The neti pot is in near constant use now, and the stove always has a simmering pot of eau de scare-away-the-nasties going. I'd forgotten how lovely spring is here, and how miserable. I am prepared. I hope.

Been manifesting goodness of late, for myself and for friends. There is a nugget of truth to the theory of positive thinking. An old passion of mine has been reawakened and will be incorporated into the existing obsession ~ fashion and perfume are, after all, perfect mates. Don't mean to sound all mysterious, but I also believe that jumping the gun can jinx a project. So it's on the downlow for the time being. Mum's the word.

While searching the hardware store for a new toilet seat for the antique/vintage FREE toilet (retails at the ReSell store for $200), I found that the nursery department was stocked up on hyacinths. For tincturing. Well, that's not their intended purpose generally, but it is for me. Picked up only three because I wanted to enjoy their scent au naturale before buying up a few dozen, chopping off their heads and cramming them into bottles to drown in 190 proof. The scent is indescribably intoxicating. They're being kept in a decorative pot in the house, the hya triplets, and whenever someone walks inside, they're assaulted by the scent. Much more effective, and environmentally sound, than plug-ins or candles made with "essential oils".


  1. Here hyacinths are Chrismas flowers along with Poinsetas. The often come in small groups in a basked, with some mosse, you and such as is given as hostess gifts. My boys got two single ones each, cause they loved the scent so very much and was good at taking care of them. Some of the bulbs we have manged to dry in the right way and will plant outside whenever the horrible winter is gone.

  2. Hugs back at'cha! XO

    Went out to the farm last week and saw that all the beheaded hyacinths from last year's tincturing carnival bloomed ~ man, are they pretty, and they smell delicious!



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