Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ever have one of those days (years? lives?) when you forgot to do something really important? Something that you'd been obsessing over, something that, dependent upon the outcome, could make your heart grow a hundred times bigger or tear a little hole in it? Been having a string of those days. Days when disappointment settles like tule fog on the 99.

One of those important little things was to send my usual team of sniffers samples of the new, newest edp. The one with cilantro and patchouli laced throughout. And this is the second time the samples haven't made it into the boxes. The samples are ready to go -- they're packaged, labeled, affixed to their id cards. Some might say that subliminally my mind feels these aren't really ready to go, or that, less subliminally, I fear the critique. Well, sure. Those are possibilities.

On a brighter note, the frankincense samples made it into one of the boxes. Being such a young oil, it's hard to evaluate it properly. It's very sparkly and intense, a bit animalic, like wet fur. Ageing will help its evolution. Hydrosol made it into the box as well, and it, too, may require some ageing as it is just as intense and animalic as the oil. It works wonders on skin, though. I use it on a cotton ball to tone my face after a washing and it smooths everything out nicely.

A bit less obsessed about the oil and hydro than the creation. The outcome of the first two are, to a degree, out of my control; the outcome of the latter is entirely in my hands alone.

So, how 'bout that economy?

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