Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Saturday ~ Whatever Shall I Do?

I know what I'd like to do ~ build more scrubs! But it's the son's birthday and I've got other events on the schedule today. Ooh, I got this wonderful red Australian salt at the health food store ~ beautiful, beautiful stuff. I'm thinking a little therapeutic juniper foot scrub . . .

I just wanted to share something with you, aspiring natural botanical perfumers and other interested parties, who are attempting to navigate through the history of perfumery which can be found online, in history books and articles relevant to the topic ~ please, take all this information with a grain of salt, especially the online bullpucky. Since starting this project in which I was required to research and write about the history of perfumery and bathing rituals, I've found more contradictions than similarities. For example, what was the very first alcohol-based perfume ever made, and who was it made for? One accounting states it was created in 1370 for King Charles V of France by his personal perfumer, a distilled combination of brandy and rosemary, or maybe it was 1375 and the Carmelite nuns presented a spicier version. But maaaybeee the first alcohol-based perfume was given to Queen Elizabeth of Hungary in 1375! Yes! No? Maybe! Definitely maybe!

*pounding head on desk*

You know you're in deep caca when the online versions of perfume history are full of gross misspellings (geesh, I almost misspelled misspellings!) Prohibitated isn't really a word, is it? This is the reason I left out anything pertaining to history in the course workbook I wrote ~ there is no reliable information, at least I haven't found any -- yet. Unless it's an archaeological find and someone's dug up proof, I don't know, I just don't think the information can be verified. Information is lost to decay or war, stolen as part of a bigger historical reference, for example, journals or notebooks kept by royalty or perfumers to royalty, forgeries (I'm speculating here), even outright lying. I mean, we moderns don't have the market cornered on lying, right? Historically speaking, we peoples have been lying since we first learned language! It's hard to prove a historical lie is a lie because there are no witnesses to the event left to testify. And we're all just a bunch of lying liars lying our little lies to -- um -- why do we lie?

Okay, now I'm just confusing myself.

There are two birthdays today ~ my son's, whose party is next Friday, and my granddaughter's, whose party is at a public park -- today -- in the predicted 100+ F degree weather. I was told to bring my bikini because they're having a water balloon fight. My bikini. Right. Picture that. No. Don't. You'll hurt yourself. You know what would be really fun? A nbpers water balloon fight with all the balloons filled with hydrosol! Yeah! And we could all be in our bikinis, running around giggling and screaming like 12-year-olds! Sounds fun, huh? Sarcasm, folks. It's sarcasm.

I am really looking forward to mixing up that salt scrub -- I'm going to use some blue juniper berries I found at a spice shop in Murphy's CA last weekend ~ they're really fresh and fragrant, plus a little virgin coconut, and some essential oils, don't know which yet, but I can almost guarantee it'll smell and feel wonderful. I'm toying with the idea of making a juniper salt soap with that red salt as well. I haven't made a salt soap since I effed up and made one with rock salt ~ ouch!

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